Legendary Music Gear Innovator Jim Dunlop Sr. Has Passed Away

Jim Dunlop Sr., one of the most influential music gear innovators, has passed away.

Musicians are likely most familiar with Dunlop guitar picks and know Jim and his company to be the originators of the “Cry Baby” wah-wah pedal. His business, Dunlop Manufacturing, was founded in 1965 as the chemical engineer built it from the ground up, starting in his home.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the Dunlop family.

One thought on “Legendary Music Gear Innovator Jim Dunlop Sr. Has Passed Away

  1. R.I,P Mr. Dunlop. Your creativity allowed us to make music and carve our own niches. I don’t think there is a guitarist or bassist that does not have one of your great products in their cases. Your vision for your accessories is legendary and will never be matched. Thank you for putting your talent and creativity forward so that we all can put ours forward. My condolences to the whole Dunlop family and company,

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