Lance Benedict’s New Scam: TTM Musical Instruments Corporation

When you’re a master manipulating sociopath like Lance Benedict, anything’s possible.  He’s stolen over $250K from business partners and customers. He hasn’t paid invoices to vendors, got evicted from his Grass Valley, California shop after not paying two months of rent back in July. He’s under state and federal investigation for every kind of fraud there is.  He defrauded his business customers who now are suing him in court — sold illegal franchises without consulting the 61% majority owner of TTM Guitars LLC.  He even illegally dissolved TTM Guitars LLC in California without his partners’ consent. Now what?

Have no fear! The Benedict crime family continues! In the most compelling evidence to date that Benedict willfully intended to defraud his business partners. We now introduce you to TTM Musical Instruments Corporation out of Miami, Florida!

The Benedict crime family are the new directors.

Note article III: Any and all lawful businesses.  Benedict has moved his criminal enterprise to Florida as things are getting too hot in California with every state agency and the feds breathing down his back, serving papers, and executing search warrants. He paid a legal zoom type company to incorporate his new criminal venture.  The entire family is now on the “Board of Directors.” If you recall in our previous articles, Benedict always referred to the new Board of Directors when trying to bully customers trying to get their money back from a guitar he never had any intentions of sending.  Perhaps he had to lean over the couch to speak with Karen and Broc if they should refund the money they stole from the said individual?

The address of his new corporation in Miami is an office park with hair weaving and a nail place are located.

This new corporation was filed on July 1, 2019.  Benedict illegally dissolved TTM Guitars LLC in the State of California that was filed on August 7, 2019.

Benedict illegally dissolves TTM Guitars LLC without consulting Chris McKenna and other investors. No vote was ever taken.
Benedict certifies all parties involved agreed to this dissolution.

This evidence right here doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the Benedict crime family had no intention of doing a partnership with his fellow investors for TTM Guitars LLC.  With his new corporation, he wants to branch out to other instruments he can get from China to put his TTM logo on and find new suckers he can scam money from.

Benedict is banned from attending any NAMM events.
Fine China made TTM Guitars.

Benedict is stating from his website that he’s now based in Nashville, Tennessee, even though he’s still working out of his garage in Indian Wells, California.  Can you imagine Benedict defrauding a soccer mom out of little Johnny’s trumpet?

We’ve contacted Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office and the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement regarding the Benedict crime families pending legal issues in California and his fraudulent intentions with his new Florida corporation filing.  We’ve also contacted the authorities in Tennessee and we’ll keep you informed.

If anyone has been contacted or is involved with any business dealings with Benedict and TTM Musical Instruments, please refer to our articles involving all of the investigations pending and contact us.

There are still more victims coming forward, if you’ve been scammed by the Benedict crime family, please use the below links to report the crime.  Always report the crime to your local police first.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody

Florida Department Of Law Enforcement

State of California Department of Labor File A Wage Complaint

The United States Postal Inspection Service Complaint About Cyber Crime And Mail Fraud

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center

State of California Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Complaint

Riverside County Sheriffs Office Crime Reporting Page

Please, note the California AG’s office is aware of his fraudulent dissolving of TTM Guitars LLC.

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  1. Incredible. Lance didn’t skip a beat or take a deep breath. He just open shop in two other states. Wait until the old boys in Tennessee catch wind of his scams. Wait…I think I hear banjos.

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