May 29, 2023
The Federal Trade Commission Is The Latest To Join In The Investigation Of Lance Benedict & TTM

It was just a couple of months ago that believers of Lance Benedict and TTM Guitars felt that my reporting of him and his illegal behavior was all made up and fake.  They wanted to tar and feather me believing Benedict that I was a bug exterminator living in my parents’ basement.  I received constant death threats as someone was making there David Koresh of the guitar community look “bad.”

Fast forward 60 days later, everything I’ve reported and stated people are starting to finally realize and open their eyes that Mr. Benedict has taken their money, scammed them, not shipping guitars they ordered, defrauding his business partners, throwing elaborate parties at NAMM 2018 complete with $500 an hour Instagram models.  Where did he get all of that money to blow? His consumers expecting guitars and his business partners, giving him over $200K that he blew and didn’t have a dime to show for it.  That’s why his former business partner Chris McKenna is suing him, and Benedict is avoiding being served with the lawsuit.

Over the last two days, I’ve been bombarded with the same very people that sent me death threats now asking me to help them try and recoup any of there money.  I’ve also had other people that were associated with Benedict to give some insight from the time he started back up.  One such person is Rob Russ.  Rob was an employee at the Grass Valley shop, and before that was painting guitars in his garage for Lance.  Rob gives an eye-opener as to what went on from August 2018- February 2019:

Lance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting BiggerLance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting BiggerLance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting BiggerLance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting BiggerLance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting Bigger

I asked Rob if he was getting paid or how was he being compensated:

Lance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting BiggerLance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting Bigger

In my previous article, I wrote that the TTM investors are now finally realizing they’ve been scammed out of their money.

Benedict spent lavishly for his NAMM 2018 appearance so that people could think he was a legit businessman taking TTM Guitars to a new level.  That’s how he enticed people like Chris McKenna to invest in his new business.  Jim Shelley, who was involved with Benedict during NAMM, thought it was legit at that time too.

Let’s review the open investigations against Benedict:

  1. United States Postal Inspection Service for mail and wire fraud
  2. California Department of Business Oversight for illegal franchises
  3. California Department of Tax and Fee Administration for tax fraud
  4. Washington State Department of Financial Security for illegal franchises
  5. California Attorney General’s Office for consumer fraud and NOW illegally dissolving an LLC he wasn’t authorized to dissolve.
  6. Federal Bureau of Investigation for all of the above
  7. Federal Trade Commission for fraud.
  8. Civil lawsuits commenced by Chris McKenna for fraud.
  9. Department of Labor for payroll and workman’s comp fraud.
  10. The Nashville, TN address he says TTM has relocated too is an apartment building.

One organization that was warned repeatedly about his criminal behavior was NAMM.  I warned NAMM before Summer NAMM 2019 that if they allowed Benedict to attend as an exhibitor, they’d just be legitimizing his criminal conduct.  I was told by NAMM executives that there was nothing they can do as they’re a toothless tiger that wants to collect money from everyone.  A month later, I did receive a call from NAMM officials that after they did their research had advise Benedict he’s no longer to attend any future NAMM events as an exhibitor or attendee.  That’s why he doesn’t advertise NAMM anymore and says he’s going to have a little “party
for whatever remaining people, he’s brainwashed who believe his lies.

Benedict has stolen money from people who are disabled, have M.S., and have limited income.  He’s a brilliant conman who prayed on these people knowing they wouldn’t have the resources to come after him when shit hit the fan.

Lance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting Bigger

Lance Benedict And TTM Guitars Legal Woes Keep Getting Bigger
Mark Kendall from Great White to All That Shreds

Why hasn’t Benedict been arrested yet?

Many people will ask, with so many investigations open, why hasn’t Benedict been arrested yet?  Unfortunately, scum like Benedict tries to do just enough to keep below the radar as he’s a very sly conman knowing authorities are busy with bigger fish to fry. With white-collar fraud, the wheels of justice turn slowly, but they’re actively investigating.  Be assured, with Benedict defrauding people for over $250,000, he’s not going to be able to file bankruptcy and make this go away as he did back in 2008-2012 during that time he was defrauding people.  Will people be able to recover any money?  Probably not. He won’t even answer his door to be served papers. There’s a very real possibility this time around he’ll be looking at a 4X8 prison cell.

With so many people coming forward being defrauded from people who worked for him to business partners, please follow these links to make a report.  Also, please use the link to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office

State of California Department of Labor File A Wage Complaint

The United States Postal Inspection Service Complaint About Cyber Crime And Mail Fraud

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center

State of California Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Complaint

Riverside County Sheriffs Office Crime Reporting Page

Please, note the California AG’s office is aware of his fraudulent dissolving of TTM Guitars LLC.

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