Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton Releases Video For “Cross Off” Featuring Chester Bennington

Mark Morton, the prolific guitarist of LAMB OF GOD, has released the video for the Top 10 track “Cross Off”, featuring late LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington. The clip, directed by Roboshobo, includes performance footage of Morton with Paolo Gregoletto and Alex Bent (TRIVIUM) who also performed on the recording of the song.

Morton released the 10-track album “Anesthetic” on March 1 via WPP Records/Spinefarm. The record, produced by Josh Wilbur and executive produced by Jake Oni, sees him further explore his creative drive for writing and collaboration. Other guest artists on the LP include Jacoby Shaddix of PAPA ROACHALTER BRIDGE‘s Myles KennedySTONE SOURdrummer Roy MayorgaKORN drummer Ray LuzierALICE IN CHAINS bassist Mike Inez and more.

Morton will embark on a U.S. co-headline tour with LIGHT THE TORCH this spring. MOON TOOTH will also appear. The live configuration of Morton‘s band will include Mark Morales(SONS OF TEXAS) on lead vocals, Doc Coyle (BAD WOLVESGOD FORBID) on guitar, Nick Villarreal (SONS OF TEXAS) on bass, and Art Cruz (PRONGWINDS OF PLAGUE) on drums, plus additional special guest appearances along the way.

Morton said: “‘Anesthetic’ is finally out! I’m excited for everybody to hear the whole thing. We’ve gotten some great feedback in these first few days, so thanks to everyone that’s checked it out already. The guys are coming in this week to start rehearsals for the U.S. tour with LIGHT THE TORCH and MOON TOOTH. We’re all looking forward to bringing these songs to you live so come and get loud with us! We are also premiering the video for ‘Cross Off’. Thanks to Paulo Gregoletto and Alex Bent for being a part of the shoot. Thanks for the continued support and I hope you enjoy the video and the album.”

Bennington worked on “Cross Off” in spring of 2017, just a few months before he hanged himself at his Los Angeles-area home.

Morton told Lazer 103.3: “I’m so grateful to have had that experience with him and had that time with him and been able to collaborate with him and write a song with Chester. He was just great to be around, awesome to work with. [He was] very, very prepared [with] lots of ideas. [He was] very excited for his fans to hear him scream again; it had been some time since he’d done that. And that was a thrill for him, knowing that people would get to hear him scream on a track again. And just to work with him and watch him sing that song and see his technical ability in real time, it was amazing. [He was] just a great dude.”

Asked if he felt the need to pursue the blessing of anyone close to Chester before releasing the song, Mark said: “I don’t wanna get too deep into that, but yeah, for sure. There were certain people that needed to be okay with it, and they were. And I’m grateful, mainly because I know how much Chester loved the song. He didn’t need to be working with Mark Morton from LAMB OF GOD. But he treated it like it was the most important thing he was working on in that moment, for sure. But he really loved the song, and that’s why he was there. And I think you can hear it in the track.”

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