August 17, 2022
Kahler Guitar Bridges: Better Than A Floyd Rose?
I asked Kahler USA what makes them think their product is superior to a Floyd Rose:
“They do essentially the same thing, but they are so different in design it’s difficult to compare them. The Floyd Rose is a fulcrum bridge, with strings in the back of the guitar like Leo Fender’s Stratocaster design from the early 50s. It pivots off of two points, which have been milled to what they call a knife edge, and the bridge balances on these posts balanced between the springs and strings. The Kahler is completely different. The strings are balanced by springs that are attached to the frame of the bridge, so no rear routing of the guitar is required. The only routing required is similar to routing for a pickup. The springs are much smaller, offering the bridge a much softer feel when operating the bar. The Kahler operates on a “cam” that turns on two ball bearings within the frame, keeping the bridge very stable, and very smooth. Another difference is that with a fulcrum bridge, the strings tip away from the pickups when the bar is depressed. With the Kahler the string is reeled out on a roller, lowering the pitch, and then reeled back in. Another difference with the Kahler is the adjustable saddles – the saddles can move forward and back for intonation, up and down for string height (action), and left/right to accommodate neck width and string spacing.”
“Another notable difference is that Kahler never allowed their bridges to be licensed. Although there are counterfeits out there, if you purchase a Kahler, you know it was made by Kahler.”
Find out more about Kahler by visiting there website https://www.kahlerusa.com/

1 thought on “Kahler Guitar Bridges: Better Than A Floyd Rose?

  1. My Kahler on a 75 Gibson Flying V BTW is absolutely sweet as honey compared to the horrendously cumbersome and high maintenance
    Floyd Rose. I have guitars with FR’s and if I were made of money I would have every one of them replaced with Kahlers. As it is I just tolerate a Floyd Rose. But I have to be very careful about where I place my picking hand whereas that is absolutely not an issue with a Kahler.
    If you have to be yanking and cranking and making all kinds of noise all the time the Floyd Rose is probably what you’ll prefer but no guarantees about staying in tune.
    I’ve been playing for over 4 decades and if you want a tremolo that feels delicate responsive stays in tune and is easy to maintain then you’ll go high class and go with a Kahler

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