Judas Priest Touring With One Guitarist? Might We Suggest Calling Courtney Cox From The Iron Maidens

In what has to be one of the most ridiculous decisions that I can recall in recent memory,  Judas Priest has announced that it’s going to tour as a four-piece band without a second guitarist.  This was revealed in an article on Loudwire

Hello, maniacs! We are chomping at the British Steel bit to return to world touring… celebrating 50 years of Judas Priest as an even more powerful, relentless four-piece heavy metal band – with Glenn coming out on stage with us here and there as before,” said Judas Priest in a statement released to Loudwire.

They expressed their gratitude for Sneap filling in on guitar since 2018 and continued, “Big thanks to Andy for all you’ve done and continue to be in the production team for our new album… See you all soon headbangers!”

This marks the first time in the band’s historic career that they will be without their genre-defining twin guitar attack, though Glenn Tipton, who stepped back from his everyday live role amid complications from Parkinson’s Disease, will still make occasional appearances when able.

We corrected the grammar in this statement and were quite shocked the guys at Loudwire didn’t.

It’s obvious the powers that be want nothing to do with K.K. Downing.  Judas Preist has always been a twin-guitar band.  As much as I love Faulkner, Priest needs to continue being a two-guitar band,

Might I suggest calling Courtney Cox from The Iron Maidens.  Courtney knows the catalog, has incredible stage presence and is one hell of a player.

The powers that be should give CCSHRED a call as this is turning into the Rob Halford solo band.  Shameful on every level and should consider retiring if this is how Priest is going out.

2 thoughts on “Judas Priest Touring With One Guitarist? Might We Suggest Calling Courtney Cox From The Iron Maidens

  1. I’m wondered if it was more a cost/financial decision? Or perhaps not wanting to split the touring money with a fifth person?

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