John Sykes Parts Ways With Golden Robot Records Delaying His Record More

Guitar legend John Sykes apparently has parted ways with Golden Robot Records.  There was much fanfare at NAMM 2019 when Sykes walked around with members of the label.  The statement from his website:

Dear John Sykes fans. We regret to announce that our partnership with Golden Robot Records has ceased.

Unfortunately after the signing, contractual agreements were unfulfilled by Golden Robot Records and there was little attempt to move things forward despite our best efforts and patience. When written contracts revert to unfulfilled verbal promises all integrity in a company becomes lost. We simply cannot work this way.

We want the fans to understand that we are fully aware of the frustration this will cause. We now feel that the best course of action is to release the album under our own control.

You can read the statement on his website https://www.johnsykes.com/news.html

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