June 2, 2023
Jimmy Page-Approved, All-female Rock Group Lez Zeppelin Announce “Immigrant Song”

Critically-acclaimed, all-female rock group LEZ ZEPPELIN announce “Immigrant Song,” from their forthcoming release,  ACHILLES (OUT 11/1/19)an EP featuring a variety of Led Zeppelin’s greatest compositions performed by the band with a string section. The unique arrangements and world-class performances featured on this record present some of the greatest “classical music” of our time in a way never heard before.

Founded in 2004 by New York guitarist, Steph Paynes, LEZ ZEPPELIN has gained unanimous critical acclaim as one of the most exciting live acts around and have established worldwide recognition for the musicianship, passion and gender-bending audacity they bring to the music of Led Zeppelin. The quartet has appeared on major television networks including CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, VH-1, and FOX as well as radio shows worldwide, including Sirius XM, BBC Radio and NPR. They have also been the subject of substantial features in The New York Times, The London Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Independent, Guitar World, VICE and many more. Chuck Klosterman of SPIN Magazine called them “the most powerful all-female band in rock history.”

Most recently, Lez Zeppelin was asked to perform a concert at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2019, in conjunction with the wildly popular exhibition “Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll.” While being chosen to represent the collection of Jimmy Page’s guitars featured in the Met exhibit is “a great honor and lifelong dream” according to Paynes, Jimmy Page, himself, attended a Lez Zeppelin show in London in 2013 and said of the group, “They played the Led Zeppelin music with an extraordinary sensuality and an energy and passion that highlighted their superb musicianship.”

The group’s first studio album, LEZ ZEPPELIN, was produced by legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix).  The group’s second LP, LEZ ZEPPELIN I, is an authentic re-make of Led Zeppelin’s first album, which the band recorded using the very same vintage equipment employed by Led Zeppelin in 1968. Both recordings were distributed both in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. This third album is set for release on November 1 and will be followed by tour dates billed as “Lez Zeppelin and a Whole Lotta Strings.”

Since LEZ ZEPPELIN’s formation, the group has broken both glass and glass ceilings. Whether it’s playing on the catwalk above Times Square for 40,000; or on the main stage at premier festivals such as Bonnaroo, Hellfest and the Isle of Wight; flying to India for a benefit concert for ambulances or taking the stage – twice! — at Madison Square Garden, it’s clear that the unique power, personality and magical force of LEZ ZEPPELIN are far beyond that of a “tribute” act. For those skeptics who still dare to ask: Can four women pull off the exuberant, powerful and musically intricate performances for which Led Zeppelin are known, a LEZ ZEPPELIN show is nothing short of a revelation

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