Jason Christopher Shares His 2018 Plans At NAMM 2018

Early in his career, Jason Christopher was part of the east coast punk band I.D.K, and progressive thrash band Onceover, finally moving out west in 1994 with Jenn Beast. In Los Angeles, was one of the founding members of New Dead Radio, and punk rock supergroup Black President, with guitarists Greg Hetson, Charlie Paulson, singer Christian Martucci, and drummer Roy Mayorga.

Jason played bass during 2011 for the band Stone Sour, including the band’s Avalanche tour and their appearance at Rock In Rio. Jason is also the backing acoustic guitar player and singer for Corey Taylor (lead singer for Slipknot and Stone Sour) and the bass player for his solo band/side project Junk Beer Kidnap Band. He played bass on one track of Corey Taylor’s Ronnie James DioThis Is Your Life” tribute album.

Jason toured with Sebastian Bach from 2012 to 2014, joining them at Rock in Rio 2013. He also performed on their DVD “Abacholypse Now”. Jason has also played with Dave Navarro, Jerry Cantrell, Scott Ian, Ace Frehley, and Dave Lombardo.

Jason also played bass in Prong from 2013-2016, performing on the 2014 live release Unleashed in the West: Live in Berlin. He co-wrote “Ruining Lives” for Prong’s ninth full-length album of the same name with singer and guitarist Tommy Victor. Jason sang background vocals on the 2015 Prong covers album “Songs from the Black Hole,” and appears on the last album “Prong X No Absolutes.”

In 2016 Christopher teamed up with old bandmate Roy Mayorga, to play bass on the summer/fall tour for Ministry.

We’re here at NAMM and thank you for being here.

JC:  Thank you for having me.

I have asked this question, been asked a million times, who are your influences?

JC:  Style and attitude wise, my influence is Cliff Burton 100%. If it weren’t for Cliff Burton, Metallica wouldn’t have been Metallica. There would have never had been a “Ride the Lightning”, “Master of Puppets” or “Kill em All.” Geezer is excellent to listen to, and I can’t play that shit, but I love the way he plays. I used to love Steve Harris. Then I started listening to the bass, lines, God Bless his fingers, his fingers are like magic hands, but the bass lines are just like hooky box bluesy, influenced by Thin Lizzy. Which is the ultimate, Phil is my fucking hero to this day. We saw Kings X, they did The Cowboy Song over at Dimebash, and I still get goosebumps when I hear that shit. His writing, his playing, singing, his whole fucking style, Phil’s my guy. Franki Bello, and all the old fucking metalhead guys that I love. I also oddly enough love Lenny Kravitz. He played everything on the first two records, pretty much, and I’m like those bass lines are fucking crazy, there bluesy, simple, but very fucking very tasty, tasteful, their tasty, tasty bass player.

So it’s 2018, we all want to know what you have going on for 2018?

JC:  I might have an acoustic tour with Corey Tayor at the end of the year when Stone Sour’s done, that’s tentative, he asked me if I wanted to do something and I said sure. I just did two gigs with Pearl Aday, who is Meatloaf’s daughter, and Scott Ian is her husband. It was me, pearl, Scott, and our friend Zack Throne, Vegas cat. They’re all rad dudes and the energy is so great; they’re my neighbors, so we just hang all the time, go in their living room and have a jam, and eat fucking cheese and crackers, its crazy. Prong might call me for a run in a couple of months. I’ve got a couple of things in the works as far myself goes, some solo stuff, a book and stuff I can’t reveal yet. Other than that just being a dad and hanging out at NAMM like a fucking dirtbag, hahaha

So being at NAMM, what gear do you use?

JC:  Warwick is my sole bass company, I’m not endorsed by Gibson, but they do give me free guitars when I go play with Corey, I play Pig Hog cables, they’re great, GHS is my string endorsement, and I’m looking for a new amp endorsement.

Thanks, Jason, I appreciate your time and good luck this year!

JC:  Thank you very much





Written by Tony Lepre.

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