Jake E. Lee Needs To Reform Badlands With This Singer

Jake E. Lee has put out two records with his Red Dragon Cartel.  I liked his first album, and RDC’s latest album didn’t excite me too much. Badlands was Jake’s best music.  He had Ray Gillen, and their first album is a classic.  Most dismiss when you talk about a Badlands reunion because Ray is deceased.  You’d need someone who’d sound like Ray, right? Let me introduce you to Dino Jelusick.

Dino is the singer for Animal Drive, is part of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and most recently teamed up with George Lynch on the project Dirty Shirley.  Haven’t you heard of Dino?

After listening to that, one would think to grab Greg and Eric and do some shows.

It would be great if Jake would record some music with Dino on vocals and/or do a few shows.  Nothing will bring back the original Badlands, but teaming up with Jelusick would create some great music and most certainly would be better than anything Red Dragon Cartel has put out.

6 thoughts on “Jake E. Lee Needs To Reform Badlands With This Singer

  1. Oh Yeh! Brilliant idea! I would love this!
    I’m actually on this Ultimate Sin/Jake E Lee kick right now and came across this.

  2. Not anymore now since Frontiers suing him 🙂 Plus Dino was scooped up now by Coverdale… not that this still couldn’t happen.

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