Review: Jacky Vincent’s Cry Venom’s New Record Vanquish the Demon

By Andrew Catania

Jacky Vincent is the present-age music sensation that has literally exploded onto the musical horizon, jolting the contemporary trends through his expeditious, reverberating, and swift-sweeping playing techniques. His style stems from its own core, and this is precisely what accentuates his music’s originality.

His technique is an amalgam of nuances and extremity, with blistering effects and chiming sweeps. Besides that, his natural discontentment towards the ordinary trends and humdrum techniques compels him to experiment and play his magic.

Cry Venom employs Jacky’s superior playing with Aleksey Smirnov on vocals, Colton Majors on keyboards, Niko Gemini on bass, and Wyatt Cooper on drums.  Vanquish the Demon is a true power metal record.  It starts right out of the gate with the first single, “Prelude.” Aleksey’s vocals on “Wolfsbane” are incredible with the timing of the keyboards and drums.  “Stronger than Steel” is one of the more aggressive-sounding songs on Vanquish the Demon.

You have twelve songs to indulge yourself in musicianship that doesn’t come around often.  Cry Venom is a better outlet to showcase Jacky Vincent‘s superior guitar playing.  Welcome to the new age of Power Metal with Vanquish the Demon.  8/10 stars.

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