May 30, 2023
It's Time For Judas Priest To Reissue And Remaster Tim Ripper Owens Era Priest Albums

Judas Priest was on ice when Rob Halford left the band to pursue his solo career.  In comes Tim Ripper Owens. Thanks to Scott Travis’s friend at the time bringing Ripper to his attention, Scott brought him to the attention of the band.  The rest is history.

Tim helped save Judas Priest from becoming extinct and put out two impressive albums.  The Priest purists will say that Priest will always be with Halford.

Ripper has continued with a successful solo career and with Iced Earth, Dio Disciples, and other projects.

Why hasn’t Judas Priest remastered and reissued the two albums he was on Jugulator and Demolition?  Demolition is available on iTunes.  You also have two awesome live albums that Ripper did with Priest

So while Judas Priest is celebrating their 50th-anniversary with a tour and warm and fuzzy interviews saying there could be previous members joining them on stage and Halford open to singing Ripper era songs, why not reissue and remaster Jugulator and Demolition, so that Priest fans have an opportunity to listen to them?

While you guys are at it, kiss and makeup with K.K.!

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