Is Evan Rubinson Tarnishing His Dad’s Legacy At Dean Guitars?

Beloved former CEO of Armadillo Enterprises Elliott Rubinson passed away last year after his battle with brain cancer.  Before his passing, Elliot made his son, Evan, President and CEO.

During Evan’s tenure over the last couple of years, some high profile Dean endorsers have left.  Uli Jon Roth exited the Dean brand soon after Elliot’s passing.  Andy LaRocque from King Diamond went to ESP.  The big mystery is the silent dismissal of Rusty Cooley.  Rusty’s RC7 is one of the most popular ordered guitars in Deans Custom USA Shop.  Neither party will comment on what happened.  Sources within Dean Guitars have said Rusty was shutout since Elliott’s passing. Why would you do this to the person who’s signature guitar sells the most in your custom shop?  Is Evan Rubinson effectively leading or tarnishing the legacy of Dean Guitars?

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