June 3, 2023
Interview:  Meet Brazilian Virtuoso Guitarist Lari Basilio

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By Andrew Catania

Brazil is known for having some great guitarists.  Here’s another one.  Meet Lari Basilio.   A lover of instrumental music, Lari Basilio began composing her songs.   In 2011, Lari Basilio recorded her first instrumental EP, titled “Lari Basilio,” which contains five tracks, released in April 2012, officially marking the beginning of her solo career. Produced by Lampadinha, the work still counts on the participation of Felipe Andreoli (Angra) and Adriano Daga (Malta).

Lari Basilio has stood out for her technique and versatility, innovating the instrumental music with his unique style of playing, proof of this, is the public recognition of his video posted for the 1st Santo Angelo Cultural Contest of Instrumental Gospel Music, which obtained the most significant visualization In record time.

What got you to start playing the guitar?

LB: My dad is a musician (in his free time), and I’ve always seen him playing guitar and singing at home. He taught me my first chords on the acoustic guitar and, from that point on I found what wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Were you self-taught or did you take lessons?

LB:  In my teens, I studied mostly by myself, and later, I took lessons from some private teachers in my home city.

Did you study any particular area of music?

LB: Nothing so specific, but I tried to focus on some techniques that could stand out my melodic approach, such as fingerpicking.

Interview:  Meet Brazilian Virtuoso Guitarist Lari Basilio
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What was your first guitar?

LB: My first guitar was a Condor (Brazilian brand), the HSS Stratocaster model. I remember getting a job just to have the chance to buy my first guitar.

What was the first band you joined if any?

LB: Back in 2007, I used to have in a band in Brazil. A rock band. We’ve even recorded an album with originals songs.

Did you write any music in your younger years?

LB: Yes. Once I was always practicing. Eventually, some ideas came out, and I started to register them early.

Brazil is known for great guitar players, is their anyone that catches your eye?

Absolutely! Kiko Loureiro is an excellent example of how to build your career. But I also have another favorite like Edu Ardanuy, Juninho Afram.

What style of music do you play?

LB:  I play instrumental music, as versatile as possible. In my albums, you are going to notice this. There is rock, pop, even acoustic songs. I simply love the freedom to be able to play what I want.

How did you get recognized for your playing?

LB:  I think it’s because of its melodies. I never intended to play fast, or in a difficult way. I’ve always wanted to sound melodic and try to tell a story through the song, with a beginning, middle, and end.

Does anyone endorse you?

LB: Yes, I’m endorsed by Suhr Guitars, GNI Music strings and pedals, Tecniforte cables, Creation FD pedalboards and Gutti Guitar Picks. I’m also in partnership with Gibson Guitars.

What does your rig consist of?

LB: I’ve been using a couple of Suhr Guitars (Classic T Antique and a Classic Pro Metallic), and a Gibson Les Paul Traditional. Also, I’m currently using a Suhr Bella Amplifiers combined with some pedals. There is one pedal that doesn’t leave my set, the Analog Tap Tempo by GNI Music.

Do you think aspiring women guitar players look up to you?

I think so. At least, that’s what they tell me! (laughs). It’s important to support women in music, and I feel that I’m contributing to it, and it makes me happy! 🙂

What are your plans for 2017?

I’m working on a new album (and probably a new DVD) which is part of my plan to expand my work as much as possible.

Follow Lari @ http://laribasilio.com/

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