Interview with Guitarist Fulvio Carlini from Sixty Miles Ahead

By Andrew Catania

Fulvio Carlini has a bright future.  A guitarist for the hard rock band Sixty Miles Ahead out of Italy.  An endorsement from Dean Guitars, and a band that seems to have a bright future with their upcoming record release on October 21, 2016 via Eclipse Records.  Fulvio has a condition called Dystonia.  After reading about his condition, I was wondering how he was playing the guitar with such resilience.  Fulvio gave me a more in depth look at Dystonia:

It’s a life-changing neurological movement disorder. Basically you’re not in control of your muscles anymore, in my case especially when I try to do precise movements with my right hand/arm and sometimes my right leg/foot. It results in having painful cramps and my limbs twisted to abnormal positions. It has no cure at the moment…hopefully it will be found soon, and I’m looking forward for that day to come 🙂

When I was diagnosed with this condition I was scared. Obviously fear is the first thing that comes to my mind thinking about those days, but I was also angry. It took almost a year to get the diagnosis (which is less than what it usually takes) and by that time it was almost impossible for me to play for more than 5 minutes. I thought that my career as a guitar player was over, and worst of all I felt different. I felt like I was not worth being near other people and not good enough for anything. It’s very hard to explain, but not being able to do normal things like writing or cooking or having a shower is something that can make you feel worthless. I lost my self-esteem and fell into a sort of depression.  Luckily I had and still have amazing band mates, great friends and the most wonderful girlfriend I could ever think of. I don’t know how I got through that period, but thanks to them I made it. Now I’m slowly learning how to deal with it, both physically and mentally. It’s not easy, but I know I can do it. I can give my best and be who I am in my own way. Michael J. Fox said something amazing about this: “acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. It means understanding that something is what it is and there’s got to be a way through it”

Right now I’m trying different therapies with my doctor: sometimes they work better than other times. But no matter which pill I take or which result has the therapy, I have to stay positive and think positive even when it’s hard to do.”

Fulvio’s amazing recovery in dealing with this condition has made him shred guitar with ease.  I asked Fulvio what his current rig consists of:

“My rig: well, my rig is very very simple. When I play live I use my twins Dean guitar (Cadillac Jekyll&Hide – I customized them, but there’s no J&H signature model in stores) Marshall JCM2000 100 watts and Marshall/Laney 4×12 cabinet. I have a tuner, Mar micro amp and Boss digital delay DD3. I’m one of those who don’t really like to carry more than the necessary on the road. My guitar tech Moreno keeps testing new products for me but every time I try to add something new it doesn’t feel the same. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but right now I don’t need anything else in my rig.

I use 0.11/0.54 Ernie ball string on both my guitars. The black one has a drop c tuning, the white one is tuned a half step down. I really like my two twins, they’re probably the best guitars I’ve ever had. 
I also use tortex triangle 1.14 picks.

For the “Insanity tour” I will probably use a line6 g30 wireless system.”

Check out Sixty Miles Ahead new record from Eclipse Records on October 21, 2016 via streaming services, Amazon, and other online outlets.


Sixty Miles Ahead are a hard rock band hailing from the suburbs of Milan, Italy. Formed in 2011, the quartet has proven to be one of the most interesting outfits in their country, thanks to their impactful, captivating sound and their ability to hybridize hard rock canons with fresh solutions stemming from melodic heavy metal and a hint of contemporary rock. So far Sixty Miles Ahead have released two studio recordings, harvesting highly favorable reviews from all around the globe. The band’s intense live activity has seen them perform alongside the cream of the Italian hard rock scene, as well as international giants such as Richie Kotzen and Tygers of Pan Tang.

After a summer of composing and experimenting, the band released their 2011 debut EP “Blank Slate”, which exemplified how 21st century hard’n’heavy music should be done. Throughout the year, they performed many shows, and build a loyal following locally and internationally. The opening track “Polite Conversations” (also the band’s first video clip) piqued the interest of Italian music channel Rock TV, which invited them to perform a live-in-studio broadcast television performance in Italy. In 2012, the band released their debut full-length album “Millions of Burning Flames” via German label, Antstreet Records. This twelve-song album marked another step forward in terms of songwriting and boldness. The album received much critical acclaim from both old-school hard rock fans and modern metal heads with an open mind. Powerful catchy vocal melodies delivered by vocalist Sandro Casali, are paired with first-class riffing and exquisite solos by axeman Fulvio Carlini, both of which are sustained by the valuable rhythmic work of Luca Caserini. Even the most careless listen to the four singles selected from the record testifies to the extent of the band’s musical spectrum.

At some point in 2015 the band parted ways with Antstreet Records, and former bass player David Bosio made way for long-time fan and friend Francesco Li Donni. The band began recording new material, and started searching for a new label to call home. Shortly after the album was finished, Sixty Miles Ahead was signed to Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, A Breach of Silence). At this point the four-piece seems unstoppable and the band is ready to meet and shake the global rock scene with their new full-length album entitled “Insanity”. Sixty Miles Ahead are set to show the world (once again), that they mean business… Stand up and get ready to rock, because your ears are in for a treat!

‘Insanity’ is scheduled for release worldwide October 21, 2016.






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