August 15, 2022
Inside The World Of Randy Pevler

After receiving a Classical guitar as a Christmas Gift at age thirteen, things changed forever for Randy Pevler. “As soon as I started playing, I knew this is what I would be doing the rest of my life.”

The lessons his grandmother had purchased for him had grown old, “They cut too much into my playing time. I preferred to stay in my room and immerse myself in listening to and learning from the masters by copying licks from my favorite Zeppelin, Beck and Hendrix records. Growing up as a young teen in Phoenix with summer temperatures over 110 degrees the prospect of learning guitar was a lot more fun than being outside!”

Randy’s first professional band was Killerwatt. They played every cover tune from Aerosmith to Led Zeppelin and every guitar driven band in between. With original music screaming to get out, Randy moved to L.A. and formed The Rabble, a fusion of new wave punk jammed with heavy Les Paul power. The Rabble also included another future big name in its lineup, Chuck Wright of Quiet Riot and House of Lords.

But Randy was continually drawn toward all that is heavy and left to form what would turn out to be a legendary L.A. based Hard Rock/Metal band called Divine Rite.

Divine Rite was a  band that played pure hard and pure heavy melodic rock. Releasing one album on Greenworld records in 1984, the band’s hard work, stellar musicianship and great music built a big fan base for this group and ‘Kerrang’ magazine called Divine Rite the “Epitome of American Metal.”

When grunge came along in the early 90’sand changed the music scene irreversibly Divine Rite had nowhere to go! Personality troubles were brewing within the band added to its demise.

Out of that band, sprang Nomad Railway, a short-lived but extremely well-received band featuring T. Gunn of Big Franklin and Laidlaw on vocals. Nomad’s good reviews gave Randy the confidence to do what he knew he had to do. He felt that the time had finally come to pursue his musical direction as an instrumentalist.

With this new focus came, “Back When I Was Sane.” “I just felt that it was time to go back to my roots and play guitar music, the music that I love most. I wanted to do something different, something that would reach a higher level than I’d reached before. This was the first time that I was playing and writing just for myself, and not for other personalities. It’s a much more honest approach and a damn sight more Fun!” Randy played all the instruments on ‘Back When I Was Sane,’ except drums, which features Donny Sarian (Randy’s drummer from Divine Rite). The album was well received with positive reviews in the international magazine “Guitar For The Practicing Musician” (Japanese version). It was one of the only non-major label albums to be played by radio stations regularly in Los Angeles.

Randy’s second solo disc: “Inside Looking Out” was a real challenge. “I wanted this to be different to anything I had done before. But I made sure it had my style stamped on it. It had to have more shades of dark and muted to serene pastels, so I expanded my instrumentation to get as many different sounds as possible, and feature more acoustic songs than on both Glasshammer (a three guitar side project CD) and my first album”.

With a bigger budget in hand, Randy was able to reach higher goals on this disc, and with the assistance of Ohm Bassist Robert Pagalari and drummer Donny Sarian, this goal was achieved. The song “Clouds” was used on the Sci-Fi channel’sGood vs. Evil“, and with MTV using cuts on a teen show, “Undressed,” more people were exposed to the music of Randy Pevler.

All of this background experience exploded into the full frontal assault on the 2002 Pevler album “Chrome.” “A hard rock Metal project from start to finish, “Every time I finish a disc I feel confident. However, with this release, I believe I’ve broken through to something extraordinary.” With Bass duties handled By James LoMenzo, a real hard rock/Metal bassist and long time drummer Donny Sarian no punches were pulled.

And now, the new release in a single word speaks volumes. Directions say’s it best, Randy’s newest collection of music covers a lot of ground, “I like guitar music, period, and I took the music in many different directions with this release.” This CD takes you on a journey from start to finish. Remember the days of vinyl when you dropped the needle and let the artist bring you down the path they had laid out? This CD had that path in mind when it was created, Joining in on this project were bassist James LoMenzo and Robert Pagalri bringing his six string fretless style to the project, the combination of the two different styles joining in with the many styles of songs take you to many different places. Enjoy the journey.

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