August 15, 2022
Chris Impellitteri Intterview: The Guitarist Of The Ages

By Andrew Catania

Chris Impellitteri is one of metal’s top guitarists.  Around 30 years ago, the Impellitteri black album was released.  If you talk to a lot of guitarists, they’ll mention the black album is one of their favorites.  I have every single Impellitteri record released.  Some of Impellitteri’s records are only available in Japan and had to be imported.  Impellitteri released their latest album, Venom, via Frontiers Records in 2015.  The Venom album showcases some of Chris Impellitteri’s finest riffs and Rob Rock’s vocals of their 30-year career.  Hopefully, we’ll see a new Impellitteri record in 2017.



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