Impellitteri Rocked The Tri-State Area With Three Warm Up Shows

Super shredder Chris Impellitteri and his band, Impellitteri rocked the tristate area with three warmup shows prior to heading off to the start of their tour in Japan.

Photo by Dena Brant

Impellitteri’s latest full-length album “The Nature of the Beast” was released back in October of 2018.

Photo by Dena Brant

The raw power of these covers draws not only metal fans but also anime fans. If one is a fan of both, the sheer power of the two worlds colliding is exhilarating and overwhelming. It undoubtedly strengthens the love and appreciation for the two mediums.

Photo by Dena Brant

The name Impelliteri commands enormous respect from fans of the genre to this day. His fast and tasty riffs have been responsible for igniting the passion for guitar playing among the youth. The Internet has played a huge part in this.

Below is fan-filmed coverage of all three shows in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  For more information on Impellitteri please click here.

Impellitteri is:

Chris Impellitteri – Guitar

Rob Rock – Vocals

Patrick Johansson – Drums

James Pulli – Bass

19 Replies to “Impellitteri Rocked The Tri-State Area With Three Warm Up Shows”

  1. Awesome photos and I’ve seen Dena Brant’s photos before she dose great work capturing the moment with the musician’s she captures. Thanks for the artical very cool stuff.

  2. Great photos! I was there and these really capture the power and energy of being there! If you missed the show you missed an awesome night!!

  3. Awesome photography Dena. Your dedication to photography shows what a true professional you are. You take the time to get the perfect shots that compliments both the subject and the artist behind the lens, ROCK ON CHICA ✌❤

  4. Nice work,.. beautiful photography . Wish I could have been there !! But almost feels like I was . Much love

  5. Not only wS the music incredibly good!, but the pictures captured the energy! Right on!! Definitely makes me bummed I missed a great show!

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