June 3, 2023
All That Shreds List of the Top Ten Female Shredders!

It’s an exciting time when your band reaches the point that you believe you’re ready to hire a publicist to get your group more exposure.  With that choice comes with the age-old question, what do I look for in a publicist that would be a good fit for our group?

The best publicists have reputations that include the following:

  • Great people skills
  • Outgoing personality
  • Great writer and creative storyteller
  • Excellent memory
  • Works well under extreme pressure and last-minute changes
  • Massive contact database with every possible media outlet

As a receiver of press releases from many publicists, it’s essential that you’re involved every step of the way before a press release is issued.  Countless times I’ve seen simple spelling and grammatical errors that could’ve been easily spotted and corrected even from the largest, most well-known publicists.  We, as the website owner, have to fix these things before posting so that our site doesn’t look illiterate.  If a publicist can’t take an extra five minutes to make sure a release is error-free, do you want them representing your band?

Remember, publicists are the ones YOU hired to promote your band!  Make sure your money is being spent wisely!

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