August 13, 2022
Her Chariot Awaits Debut Album Is A Must Listen

For anyone who plays guitar and isn’t familiar with Mike Orlando’s work, I highly recommend you look up his band Adrenaline Mob and others.  Mike is an accomplished guitarist that should be featured more by publications.

Her Chariot Awaits is a unique album that takes Orlando’s guitar skills with the powerhouse vocals of Spanish vocalist Ailyn (Ex-Sirenia).

A simple review.  Buy the record! Mike ha defied all odds and is still playing guitar at the level he is considering the injuries he sustained in the Adrenaline Mob tour bus accident in 2017.

Excellent album and should be in your rotation of favorites.


1. Misery

2. Dead & Gone

3. Screaming Misfire

4. Stolen Heart

5. Constant Craving

6. Say No

7. Line Of Fire

8. Turning The Page

9. Take Me Higher

10. Just Remember

11. Forgive Me Dear


Mike Orlando – guitars, bass, additional vocals

Ailyn – lead vocals

Jeff Thal – drums

Brian Gearty – bass

Written, produced & mixed by Mike Orlando






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