Hatriot Delivers Bay Area Thrash On From Days Unto Darkness

By Allyson Kingsley

If you’re a dedicated metalhead and thoroughly entrench yourself in the history of the various genres of metal then you have certainly heard of the Bay Area thrash metal scene. For the young ones new to the metal world please do yourselves a favor and look up the stories, the history of Bay area thrash and get on your digital music service and take a fine evening to listen to this particular genre. Along the way, you will come across the band Exodus, who are unbelievably phenomenal in my archives. Ok, what are you getting at, Kingsley? 

   The sons of Steve “Zetro” Souza of Exodus, vocalist/bassist Cody and drummer Nick along with guitarists (who are fantastic) Kevin Paterson and Kosta Varvatakis form Hatriot and continue the beloved tradition of thrash metal. If you look a little deeper and venture out of the comfort realm you will also discover that thrash metal is still very much alive and thriving with other bands such as Havok, Power Trip,  Dust Bolt, and Violator, among hundreds more. With nods to Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, and Testament, bands like these keep our metal alive and continue to add fresh new layers.

  From Days Unto Darkness, Hatriot touches topics that every metal fan enjoys- religious hypocrisy, Impending apocalyptic times, horror icons, embellished conspiracy theories- good family dinner conversations (especially if you want to leave quickly). 

   “One Less Hell” comes in like a sinister storm and with the start of the vocals and the blend of the guitars sounds very massive. With “Daze Into Darkness”, it’s topic hinting at the end times, we get some prog elements interspersed within. My choice pick is “Carnival of Execution” partly because of the speed of it, the growling vocals added in and also the lyrics. I’m a huge fan of B style horror movies and I thoroughly enjoy the ones about haunted amusement parks or serial killers running amok in carnivals so this became a favorite on the album. So in the vein of horror movies,  I also dig “Frankenstein Must Die”. I could swear that Cody Souza sings like a young Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth (Overkill). In its finality “Ethereal Nightmare” certainly showcases the interplay of guitar and drum skills. This album is a crushing beauty and will hold it’s own amongst the thrash metal giants.

Hatriot Delivers Bay Area Thrash On From Days Unto Darkness

 From Days Unto Darkness track listing

  1. One Less Hell 
  2. Daze Into Darkness 
  3. Carnival Of Execution 
  4. Organic Remains 
  5. World, Flesh & Devil 
  6. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed 
  7. In The Mind Of The Mad 
  8. Delete 
  9. Ethereal Nightmare


2013 Heroes Of Origin

2014 Dawn Of The New Centurion

2019 From Days Unto Darkness







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