August 9, 2022
Hatebreed Doesn't Disappoint With 'Weight Of The False Self"

By Allyson Kingsley

Connecticut hardcore quintet Hatebreed continues to offer their fans a battering with their 8th album Weight of the False Self. From the outset, Hatebreed riles the senses with “Instinctive (Slaughterlust)”. Their sound is distinctive and is now classic aggressive power. Jasta’s vocals rev the listeners up to fuel-filled energy. 

   Guitarists Frank Novinec cand Wayne Lozinek wail with fast, intense pit-inducing riffs on “Dig Your Way Out” and “From Gold to Grey”. Throughout the album, the intensity of the beat is held together by drummer Matt Byrne and bassist Chris Beattie.

   Complimenting some of the tracks of this album are some old school thrash metal elements such as “Stroke of Red” and “Invoking Dominance”. I was content with Hatebreed meshing these elements along with hardcore. The songs flow seamlessly together as can be expected of these veterans. 

  What is probably their most endearing trait is their empowering and motivational lyrics. “If you want to make a difference in the world, it means you have to be different from the world you see. Free yourself from the burdens that you know exist. Don’t carry the curse of the fatalist”.

   My personal choice is “The Herd Will Scatter” as it highlights Byrne’s phenomenal drumming style. With a furious paced tempo at the beginning that switches to a low steady level,  Byrne magnifies the aesthetics of a well-learned musician.

   We all look forward to and absolutely crave when concerts kick back in. If you have the chance and you have not done so, go experience Hatebreed live. They as well as their fans are their own energetic entity.  Keep an eye on their social media as, from experience,  I can tell you they are amazing humble musicians that are very good to their fans. Perhaps that is why it feels like a family unit at their shows. Weight of the False Self does not disappoint.

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