August 9, 2022

Hardline is back with a new studio album, “Life”! In the past two years, Hardline has performed a number of shows across Europe, including festivals and more intimate gigs, and that live “energy” can certainly be felt on their new studio album. The band went back to 1992’s “Double Eclipse” album for influence for the songs on this record, but additionally, they also looked a little closer in the rearview at the tremendous predecessor to this album, “Human Nature”. The resulting album, LIFE, perfectly blends the influences of those two albums and sees Hardline heavier, stronger, bigger, and better than ever. The band entered the studio feeling loose and relaxed from all their gigging. The two newest members, Marco Di Salvia on drums and Mario Percudani on guitar, had gelled seamlessly with the rest of the band from all those shows and combined with Anna Portalupi’s pulsating rhythms and Alessandro Del Vecchio’s songwriting and production abilities, LIFE was almost effortless for the band to create. And of course, Johnny Gioeli sings as only he can over top of these incredible musicians.

LIFE will be released April 26, 2019 on CD/LP/Digital. Pre-order HERE: http://radi.al/HardlineLife

A special limited edition color vinyl version of the album is available exclusively at the Frontiers’ EU store HERE: http://www.frontiers.shop

Hardline Announce New Album 'Life' Out On 4/26, New Single "Take A Chance" Out Now

More live dates will be forthcoming for the band, including a performance on April 27th at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, IT.


  1. Place To Call Home
  2. Take A Chance
  3. Helio’s Sun
  4. Page Of Your Life
  5. Out Of Time
  6. Hold On To Right
  7. Handful Of Sand
  8. This Love
  9. Story Of My Life
  10. Who Wants To Live Forever
  11. Chameleon
  12. My Friend


Johnny Gioeli – vocals

Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards

Mario Percudani – guitar

Marco Di Salvia – drums

Anna Portalupi – bass

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