All Hail Rusty Cooley!

By Andrew Catania

Guitar legend Rusty Cooley has an amazing resume.  One thing that gets overlooked is his contributions and guest work on other artists records.  Here’s a list of Rusty’s guest work:

From so Far Away by All Shaw Perish CD Awaken the Dreamers
Let off Some Steam Bennett by Austrian Death Machine CD Double Brutal
Get Your Story Straight,  Austrian Death Machine CD Triple Brutal
Frozen by Fire co-written by Rusty Cooley, and Derek Sherinian CD Molecular Heinosity

Encased In Ice by After Burial CD in Dreams
Aeons of Burning Galaxies and Aeons of Burning Galaxies Instrumental Bonus Version by George Kollias CD Invictus
8 Pillars of Steel, by Michael Angelo Batio CD Intermezzo
Born to Lead, by Falling in Reverse CD Fashionably Late
Bloodcaster, by Ghost Ship Octavius CD Ghost Ship Octavius
Epilogue for Lisa by Shawn Lane CD Tribute to Shawn Lane 1
Verbal Skillz by The Shawn Baker Orchestra CD A Baker’s Dozen
The Illusion Of Choice 3 by Alustrium CD A Tunnel do Eden
To Hell by Black 13 cd Pieces
Phoenix, Guardian of Time, Going Through the Motions, Only one Truth, Book of Illusions, Let it Go by Book of Reflections CD Book of Reflections
Infused by rings of Saturn CD Lugal Ki En
Rogosonic, Leave the World Alone
Michael Angelo Batio Shred Force 1,
Julian Lehman, Mother Nature
Karim K, Thirty-six and nine



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