May 29, 2023
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By Andrew Catania

Here’s a list of guitarists in no specific order that I believe will have a fantastic year in 2018!

Chris Broderick

Chris Broderick (All That Shreds Guitarist of the Year 2017) and Act of Defiance will be touring in support of their latest album, Old Scars, New Wounds. Tours in North America, Europe, and South America are expected.

Chris Impellitteri

Super shredder Chris Impellitteri is always working on something new and energetic, and 2018 is going to be one more year with one more album as it is announced on his official page that new Impellitteri record, The Nature Of The Beast is going to be released in October  of 2018.

Vinnie Moore

VinMan has been touring relentlessly with UFO as of late.  His latest solo album, Aerial Visions came out in 2015.  Although there’s been no official announcement, don’t be surprised if VinMan announces a solo record to be released this year.

Lari Basillo

If you haven’t watched any of Lari’s videos on YouTube, I highly suggest you do.  This Brazilian native has an excellent tone.  I wish Lari and Gretchen Menn would tour together!

Doug Aldrich

Doug is a busy man.  Revolution Saints just released their new album; he’s going in the studio with Keith St. John for a new Burning Rain album, and The Dead Daisies are set to drop there new album, Burn It Down on April 6th.   What would be great to see is this former Whitesnake Axe Slinger to release a solo record!

Steve Stevens

Nothing aggravates me more when I don’t see Steve’s name being mentioned in any G3, G4, Generation Axe, or other tours with guitar virtuosos.  Steve will always be busy doing tours with Billy Idol.  Steve puts on a fantastic live show, and hopefully, we’ll see another solo record from him.  Be sure to check Steve out on tour with Billy Idol.

Tony MacAlpine

With Death of Roses released a few months ago, TMAC will be hitting the road in support of Death of Roses (All That Shreds Record of the Year.)  Make sure you check out TMAC live.

Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani just released his new album, What Happens Next and is on tour with G3 featuring John Petrucci and Phil Collen.  Will we see a Chickenfoot album? What Happens Next is some of Joe’s best work in recent years.

Dean Cascione

This shredder teaches college, a Luthier, and puts out some great music.  Be sure to check out Dean’s guitars he builds and look out for a solo album this year!

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal

Besides being one of the nicest guys you’d meet, he’s a great guitarist.  Check out Bumblefoots playing on the Sons of Apollo album that was released in November of 2017.

Steve Lynch

When you think of Autograph, you think of Turn Up The Radio.  What I wish people would think of also, Is Steve Lynch’s impeccable talent on the fretboard.  Be sure to check out Autograph’s new album, Get Off Your Ass.

Maxine Petrucci

Trust me; there’s more to Maxine Petrucci than “High in High School.” This young lady can play the guitar!  While certain songs have achieved success for the Petrucci sisters, Maxine’s talent doesn’t go unnoticed! Be sure to check out Madam X’s new album, Monstrocity.

Tony Smotherman

Tony has been doing instructional videos as of late but is poised to release a solo album in 2018.  Be sure to check out Tony’s TrueFire instructional video series.

Jimi Bell

Jimi Bell turns 60 this year.  House of Lords released a new record last year and hadn’t done much to support it regarding touring.   Whoever dropped the ball there could be Jimi’s ticket to bigger and better things to showcase his talent and skill better.

Gretchen Menn

Describing Gretchen’s playing is like describing your favorite, finely tuned classical car.  Gretchen’s latest album, Against All Hope, is available on her website.  Be sure to check Gretchen out in her all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band Zepparella.

2 thoughts on “Guitarists Who Will Have A Fantastic Year In 2018

  1. Definitely agree with your list of guitarist that will have a great 2018. I’m happy to see on this list 3 of my All Time favorites: Joe Satriani, Steve Stevens, and Ron Thal Bumblefoot.
    FYI, I love ALL THAT SHREDS and I’m honored and humbled to have had an article on my guitar passion in your on line mag.
    Great reading all your work!
    Russell Zak

  2. I’m familiar and like all these guitarists. Ethan Brosh releases a new album on Feb. 16th I think he should be on this list.

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