Guitarist Spotlight: Until The Storm’s Stacy Mccullar

In our continuing quest to find new guitar talent, it led us to a new band called Until The Storm.  Guitarist Stacy Mccullar and her band are to debut there first video on November 22nd.
When did you start playing guitar?
I bought my first guitar when I was 16 but had no clue how to play it. I would play it for a few weeks and then not touch it for years. I probably have about 1,000 hours of playing total.
Guitarist Spotlight: Until The Storm's Stacy Mccullar
Who are your influences? 
My favorite guitarists are Dimebag, Kerry King, and our other guitarist Sado.
Are you self taught or by a teacher?
I’m self-taught and would learn stuff here and there from friends until I met Sado. He used to teach guitar and has shown me more than anyone else. I learn from him regularly.
Guitarist Spotlight: Until The Storm's Stacy Mccullar
What’s your live rig consist of?
My live rig is a six-string Michael kelly guitar down-tuned to drop B with Ernie Ball “not even slinky” strings with the low E string swapped with a 64 gauge. I use a Line 6  4×12 amp with a 100 watt Peavy Valve King head. My pedals are a Boss Equalizer GE-7, MXR carbon copy analog delay, Boss noise suppressor NS-2, Zakk Wylde Berzerker overdrive pedal, just the standard Peavey footswitch to change from clean to distortion, Boss chromatic tuner and I just started playing with a Dunlop MC404 wah pedal. I’ve recently been using the 1mm Dunlop picks.
Guitarist Spotlight: Until The Storm's Stacy Mccullar
Heavy Rock band from Santa Barbara, “Until the Storm,” releases official music video for their debut single “Roads to the Lost” on 11/22/19. Mixed by Mike Plotnikoff (In Flames, Fear Factory, Van Halen, Mudvayne, and many more) and mastered by Niels Nielson (Ghost, Starset).

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