June 27, 2022
Guitarist/Singer Anna Rose Releases A New Song "Sucker Puncher"

Indie songstress Anna Rose drops “Sucker Puncher,” the second single from her forthcoming album produced by Paul Moak. “Sucker Puncher” showcases Rose’s dynamic voice, haunting songwriting and effortless command of the guitar.

“It is a song for all of the underdogs out there,” says Rose. “For me personally, the struggle to be heard in an industry where a songwriter’s work is so undervalued has almost crippled me at times, but writing this song with Justin Glasco felt like a triumph. Truthfully, this whole upcoming record is brutally honest in a lyrical sense & this song felt incredibly cathartic in its writing & production. It’s a testament to the fight I have inside me. I’ve never been quiet, I’ve always been rebellious, I have never cowered to the industry standard and I do not apologize for that.”

“Sucker Puncher” follows the mesmerizing “Nobody Knows I’m Here.” Channeling some of the female greats of our time, from Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt to Stevie Nicks and Patty Griffin, you can feel their presence flowing throughout the record.

Anna Rose revealed the first video from her docu-series highlighting the music, writing process and overall behind the scenes feel from the new album. The highly anticipated project, which was written and recorded in Nashville, is due out later this year. As a touring artist, Rose has always been a bit of a nomad, believing that home is where the heart is. For this record, home was in Nashville. “Throughout a time of deep turmoil and sadness, I found myself in Nashville a lot, writing not just for myself but for other artists and for film and television. That city slowly began to really feel like home. Working there, making art there… really helped me heal a lot of the wounds that I had collected along the way in my life,” shares Rose. “I’m eternally grateful to the city of Nashville for opening their arms to me. As a bit of an outsider, it gave me a place where I felt like I belonged for the first time really…ever. Rose, who is known for her hard-driving rock, grunge, and dirty blues, has rediscovered her roots in the singer-songwriter world with “Nobody Knows I’m Here”.

Guitarist/Singer Anna Rose Releases A New Song "Sucker Puncher"


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