Guitarist Sammy Boller To Release “Kingdom Of The Sun” On March 20Th

By Allyson Kingsley

   From Detroit, Michigan is instrumental guitarist Sammy Boller. Formerly a music student from the University of Michigan, Sammy was chosen by guitar maestro Joe Satriani in 2012 as the winner of Guitar Center’s Master Satriani competition. He was formerly a guitarist in Citizen Zero. He currently enjoys life as a full-time musician, as well as his solo career. Sammy can also be found representing and promoting Friedman Amplification, and the two roam Europe and the US to demonstrate clinics showcasing Friedman’s line of amps, pedals, and guitars. The 11-song album “Kingdom of the Sun” is a journey into creativity and artistry as Sammy’s vision speaks through his music.

     We journey through a kaleidoscope of beautifully crafted songs, including two new releases, “Kingdom of the Sun” and “Cloak of Light.”

   Many people sadly do not appreciate an instrumental album, and for that, I feel they are rather uncultured. It is merely a peaceful feeling about taking an hour of our busy lives to turn the lights low and directly “travel” through the nuances and soundscapes of a guitarist’s mind through their albums. Sammy Boller constructs simply gorgeous and picturesque imagery through the sounds of his axe. 

  “For Madmen Only” has a darker element that any metal musician worth his salt would indulge in. Meanwhile, rather historical imagery is fashioned from “The Empress” and is further embellished with the next song “Temple of Time.” He returns to a lighthearted flair with “Mirror of the Heart,” which seems to grasp an 80s style hard rock style. We finish off the album with “Awakening from the Daydream” that leaves you with a free-spirited feeling. The album traverses both light and dark perceptions and captures a young talented musician’s essence and fire.

Score: 8.5/10




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