Guitarist Laura Cox Discusses Her Upcoming New Album “Burning Bright”

When Laura Cox uploaded her first guitar video to YouTube in 2008 she could scarcely have imagined the astounding reaction she would have. Since that time her clips have garnered more than 70 million views, her channel has over 389,000 subscribers, and her skill on the six-string has been complimented by living blues legend, Joe Bonamassa.

But in 2013, she had an increasing desire to play rock & roll live, the way it should be, and to get on the road, so she decided to make the change from virtual to real, and form her own group: The Laura Cox Band.

We caught up with Laura to discuss her new album “Burning Bright.”

Guitarist Laura Cox Discusses Her Upcoming New Album "Burning Bright"

Do you come up with the lyrics and music? 

LC:  I write the songs with the other guitarist in my band Mathieu Albiac.  Most of the time, we come up with the guitar riff first because I considered myself more as a guitar player than a singer.   After the riff, we do the guitar parts first, then the structure of the song, and then the lyrics.  I usually write the lyrics.  When we have all of that, we’ll do the vocals and in the studio with our bassist and drummer and finish the songs.

Did you have most of the material for the new record already written?

LC:  Most of the songs were already written in the last two years.  I write mostly when I’m at home.  We had an opportunity to play them live because we finished them so long ago.  I find the riffs and grab my guitar, play it as it sounds in my head.

Some have you labeled as a blues guitarist, but I’d consider your new album more classic rock.

LC:  Rock comes from blues, but I think we rocked on this album, and it’s darker than my previous ones.  We have some hard songs like Fire-Fire, and we also have softer ones.  “Burning Bright” is more of a personal album to me.

How long have you been playing guitar?

LC: I started, almost 15 years ago and there weren’t many girls playing electric guitar. Or on YouTube.  I think I was only one of a few covering rock solos on YouTube.  Now there are many girl guitarists, and I’m pleased about that.

Guitarist Laura Cox Discusses Her Upcoming New Album "Burning Bright"

Who are some of your influences?

LC:  When I started playing, my idols were Slash, Joe Bonamassa, and Mark Knopfler. Mark helped me with my right-hand technique because he has a unique hybrid picking technique, and I play the same way.   Plus, he’s a lefty playing a righty like me.

I’m not interested in guitar heroes now as I’m more into bands writing good songs.  I like Black Stone Cherry and those kinds of groups.

Have you noticed that more Americans are starting to find out more about you?

LC:  When I started uploading YouTube videos, there we lots of American people watching them.  I think rock music is more prevalent in the states than France because rap and R&B are popular here. We tour Europe and France, and I’m hoping we can make it to the US next year.  Thanks to YouTube, I have many American fans.

Laura Cox Band is:

Laura Cox – Lead guitar, Lead vocals
Mathieu Albiac – Rhythm Guitar, Backing vocals
François C. Delacoudre – Bass, Backing vocals
Antonin Guérin – Drums

For more information on Laura Cox please visit her site https://www.lauracoxband.com/

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  1. Nice interview! Laura is simply unique, as a guitar player and as a person! I have done 22 shows with her until now, know what I say.. She’s on the way to become one of the worlds greatest! We speak about any years later again..

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