Guitarist Ghee Yeh And Mind Of Fury Are Ready To Rock

Gheeyeh was born in Santiago, Chile. Soon he would show interest in music, not long after that, he would be composing his music. His love for rock was influenced by bands like Europe, Bon Jovi, Van Halen and many other groups from the 80’s.   His interest in metal music was caused by bands like Metallica and Pantera. But, his real inspiration came from Yngwie Malmsteen, which drove him to write his songs.

By 1999 he recorded his first demo with Paulo Domic, which acted out as the singer/bass player. Later on, Gheeyeh became part of a Chilean metal band “Witchblade.”  In 2001 he toured with that band and opened for a famous Brazilian band Angra. Then in 2002, he formed his band Human Factor with some members of Witchblade. In 2004 Human Factor released the album Unleashed, and they toured all over Chile and opened for bands like Mago de Oz, Seven Angels, Criminal and After Forever.  This album was released worldwide by a Belgium label Mausoleum Records and in Japan by Soundholic Records.

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In 2006 Human Factor released the album Behind The Dark via Soundholic Records. The band ended up with touring Chile and opening for bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Angra.  On September 2008 the band split up, and Gheeyeh felt it was the perfect moment to begin a solo career.

In October of 2008, he started writing new songs and got in touch with Nicolas Quinteros, which acted as co-producer and sound engineer, together they started to work with the new material of Gheeyeh. Gheeyeh wrote all songs, the album was musically complete in December 2008, meaning that drums, keys arrangements, bass, rhythm guitars, solos and vocal melodies were done!. By January 2009 the recordings started at Nicolas Quinteros studios, and by February all the instruments were already recorded. So he contacted Paulo and proposed to him to be the singer of this project. Paulo wrote the lyrics, except for Fighting For Your Love and on April 2009 the vocal recordings started. The album was finished in May 2009 and released later on that same year with the title Turn The Page.

Gheeyah moved to the United States, and in 2013, he meets Yngwie Malmsteen keyboardist/vocalist  Nick Z. Marino.  After the recording of the live DVD “Yngwie Malmsteen Spellbound Live In Orlando” and gave him a CD with material from Turn the Page and Metal Blast.   After Yngwie Malmsteen’s tour was over Nick Z. Marino called Gheeyeh asking him to talk about being part of NZM (Nick’s band). Gheeyeh met Nick in Hollywood, Florida and started to work on material for the upcoming NZM album. The first song Gheeyeh and Nick wrote together was I’m In Your Blood.   Gheeyah worked hard and wrote with Nick the title track of the album Eternal Fire and the single War, Hold Me Tight,  Follow Me and “I’m In Your Blood” were also co-written by Gheeyeh.

The album was recorded at Nick Z. Marino studio and was entirely done by the end of 2013. Produced by Nick Z. Marino and Gheeyeh Eternal Fire were released early 2014. GHEEYEH recorded guitars, bass and backing vocals, Nick Z. Marino vocals, keyboards, Patrick Johansson, did the drums and the album was mixed and mastered by Keith Rose.

Gheeyeh left NZM to form his band Mind of Fury with Henry Moreno and Mike Frankenbush.  They released there the first CD in 2016.



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