Gretchen Menn's Abandon All Hope Is A Masterpiece

Gretchen Menn’s Abandon All Hope Is A Masterpiece

By Andrew Catania

There are many reasons why Gretchen Menn is number one on my list of female guitarists.  While Gretchen isn’t necessarily a shredder, Gretchen is disciplined in all areas of the guitar, including shred.  Her latest record, Abandon All Hope,  is not just another guitar instrumental album from a talented guitarist.  This visionary and cinematic project is based on Dante Alighieri’s epic 14th-century poem, Inferno.  Even with Gretchen’s experience with classical music, this was still a dwelling yet grueling study of classical orchestration to fully realize the album’s 15 pieces.

This is a brilliant album, genuinely instrumental music at its best. The compositions share both complexity and elegance.  For those of you who appreciate virtuoso guitar playing, both classic and pure rock, this is a must album for you to purchase.  This record is one of many reasons why Gretchen differentiates herself from the rest of the guitar players.  I have no problem saying Gretchen Menn is our modern day virtuoso, Bach, Mozart,  take your pic.  Gretchen Menn is phenomenal, and so is this record.  9/10 Rating.

You can purchase Gretchen Menn’s Abandon All Hope directly from her website!

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