Great White’s Mark Kendall To Seek Legal Action For Release of “Dante Fox” Demos

Earlier this week, Deadline Music, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc. announced they were releasing demos that Co-Founders Jack Russell and Mark Kendall of Great White did before with there band Dante Fox.

“The Roots Of Great White 1978-1982” will be available everywhere records are sold starting October 25.

Track listing:

01. In Love
02. Last Time
03. Motor Love
04. Money

05. Head Over Heels

06. There’s No Way
07. Front Row Girl
08. The Strike
09. Bead In The Rain
10. Lonnie Never Lied
11. Stay Away
12. Need Your Love
13. On The Run
14. She’s Got Fever
15. Calling You
16. Space Age Rock
17. The Blues

Not everyone is happy that these demos are being released.  We reached out to Mark Kendall for a comment about this release.  Mark said:

Great White's Mark Kendall To Seek Legal Action For Release of "Dante Fox" Demos
Great White’s Mark Kendall To All That Shreds

Kendall is referring to former Great White singer Jack Russell saying heaven desperate and embarrassing. Kendall did tell us he has referred this matter to his Attorney for legal action regarding this material being released without his approval.  We’ll keep you up to date as this is an ongoing matter.

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