June 2, 2023
The Gibson’s Crisis: Is Henry Juszkiewicz To Blame?

By Andrew Catania

It is no secret that Henry Juszkiewicz is notorious for an unlikable reputation. The current CEO of the Gibson Guitar Company functions as an all-powering, HR chief and has taken the decision-making ability of the company in his own hands.

This dismissal of constructive contributions of highly professional individuals who have been associated with guitar manufactures and the prevailing trends in the music industry has led Juszkiewicz not only to gain a ‘toxic’ image but also make poor decisions about guitar manufacturing.

It’s a fact- Gibson Brands, Inc. (formerly, Gibson Guitar) has witnessed a massive decline in its revenue stream due to a drop in the sales of the new electric guitars introduced by the company’s CEO. According to statistic, in just over a period of three years, the company’s revenue declined from an annual $2.1 billion to an annual $1.7 billion. Henry Juszkiewicz is entire to be blamed for this enormous plummet. The changes in guitars manufactured now by Gibson Brands have resulted in the market being flooded with electric guitars that offer a unique autotune feature. While he may consider this an innovative introduction, he led the company toward a massive loss, particularly after the market trends in 2010 suggested a rise in the demand for acoustic guitars.

Modern music has experienced a change in trends seeing artists using more acoustic guitars during lately. In relevance to these dynamics in the music industry, the introduction of electric guitars is bound to experience a revenue recession due to shifts in the demands from electric to acoustic guitars.

Besides, Henry Juszkiewicz’s introduction of auto-tune in guitars has only been criticized by guitarists. This is because the feature restricts a guitarist’s ability to tweak manually and confines them to electrical rhythms only. Guitarists are now facing an ordeal in experimenting and bringing originality to their music because of the inability to tune their guitars manually as a result of the constraints levied on their skill by autotunes. And Henry Juszkiewicz’s lack of acknowledgment of these demands has led the company to regress regarding guitar sales and revenue.

More to this is the lapse in the quality of the guitars being manufactured. It is no secret that Gibson Brands has been under severe debt in the last few years because of their deteriorating sales and revenue but the prominent ebb in the guitar quality has attained the company an extremely negative image. Guitarists are unsatisfied and disappointed with the quality of the guitars being manufactured. The guitars have broken necks which makes tune adjustment impossible and for the quality that is offered, they are immensely overpriced.

The only real way for Gibson Brands to climb back to the ladder of success as a top guitar manufacturing brand is to terminate Henry Juszkiewicz. Under his leadership, the company is enduring massive debts and losses as he has failed to satisfy the consumer demand which is why the guitar sales are backsliding. By terminating this incompetent leader, the company will be able to revamp its manufacturing procedure under the leadership of a new and more eligible CEO.

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