George Lynch’s New Solo Album ‘Seamless’ Is A Must Listen

I wasn’t sure what to expect with George Lynch’s new solo album, ‘Seamless.’  He’s gone off in vastly different musical genres in the dozen or so bands he’s involved with over the years.

‘Seamless’ is a solid, good effort by the former Dokken guitarist.  It’s not a straight-up shred record that you’ll fall asleep to after the thousandth note.  George does a good job intertwining some shred and the mixture of his influences including blues.

We’ve interviewed Lynch many times over the years and we’ve told him we’re not a big fan of him being in so many bands as we feel it would lessen his authenticity of the music. We agree to disagree on the subject and he’s always a fun person to talk with.

Be sure to pick up a copy of ‘Seamless’, there’s not one bad song on the album.

2 thoughts on “George Lynch’s New Solo Album ‘Seamless’ Is A Must Listen

  1. Personally I gave it 3 plays through and I realized what I was listening to and I’m so glad I gave it that chance because it could have been nothing but nonsense just to say he did it, it’s far from nonsense and I’ve gotten nothing but questions at work, like people stopping, listening and asking who is this? Those who know George after 2 notes are nothing but impressed, at very worst still solid, can’t do much better with the different ages involved etc, thank you for all your hard work and it was always great watching you drift off live to wherever you’re mind went and you gave the entire audience goosebumps

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