George Lynch Says It’s Possible For The Original Dokken Lineup To Record One Last Album

George Lynch says that the classic DOKKEN lineup is capable of making a “great” new album that would “stand up to the old records that people love.”

DOKKEN‘s classic lineup — including Lynch and bassist/vocalist Jeff Pilson — reunited for a short Japanese tour in the fall of 2016. The trek marked the first time in 21 years the four musicians had hit the road together.

Since completing the Japanese reunion dates, DOKKEN has continued to perform with the group’s current lineup — featuring Don Dokken, drummer Mick Brown, bassist Chris McCarvill and guitarist Jon Levin — save for a handful of shows in late 2017 and last year that saw guitarist Ira Black (LIZZY BORDENVICIOUS RUMORS) fill in for Levin and dates earlier this year when BJ Zampa (HOUSE OF LORDS) stepped in for Brown.

Lynch‘s most recent appearance with DOKKEN took place last September when he joined DokkenBrown, and McCarvill on stage at the Grand RockTember VI festival at Grand Casino Hinckley Amphitheater in Hinckley, Minnesota to perform set of the band’s classic songs.

During a recent interview, Lynch was asked if he is on good terms with Dokken and whether there are any plans for them to collaborate again in the future.

“We are on good terms, actually,” George responded. “I don’t really know that we have a plan… We don’t really have a plan, actually. Don and I will get together if there’s a high-level show where it kind of makes sense and everything works — our schedules and the money and everything — I’ll come down and play guitar in DOKKEN. And people love it; it’s an event. Don and I are fine. We kind of got our little thing worked out. And why not? I think it works for both of us because the fans love it. And I think it plants the seed for maybe doing a record down the road or something or a reunion tour. Who knows?”

According to Lynch, a new full-length album from DOKKEN‘s classic lineup makes perfect sense as a way to cap off the band’s 40-year career.

“It’s always challenging, and we’ve been talking about it for years, but while everybody’s still relatively healthy, I think it would probably be smart to do it sooner than later,” the guitarist said.

“We could make a great record — a record that would really stand up to the old records that people love,” he added. “I firmly believe that. So, to me, I’d wanna do that, because I wanna put that other bookend on the shelf and kind of wrap the whole thing up in a nice, neat little bow and say, ‘Here it is — from 1980 to 2019,’ or whatever it is. ‘Here’s the end of the story.'”

Lynch was supposed to perform with DOKKEN at last month’s M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland but was forced to pull out of the event due to his battle with pneumonia.

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