George Lynch: “Lynch Mob Is In Pre-Production With Andrew Freeman On Vocals”

George Lynch is one of the hardest working musicians in the business.  You need to write down how many projects he’s involved with.  Even with his arm that could be broken, he’s still making guitars, music and touring.  He was gracious enough to speak with us about the new KXM Album and a future Lynch Mob album.

Who is in the current Lynch Mob lineup?

GL:  It’s the same rhythm section.  Sean McNabb (Bass), Jimmy D’Anda (Drums) and Andrew Freeman from Last In Line on vocals.

How’s your arm doing?

GL: Well, It’s still an arm.  I have to get it looked and to get the surgery done at some point. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get to that yet. It’s fine as long as I have compression on it.  If I don’t have compression on it, it hurts like hell.

How is the new KXM Album being received?

GL: The only thing I have to go on is the comments on YouTube videos, which are great.  It’s really hard to say universally how people feel about it until it comes out. Every album is for everybody. These records are created very spontaneous.  A very limited amount of time. You only have 12 days to do the album. That means we have to merge a song and record every single day and it’s quite a challenge.  I was just mentioning this in the earlier interview, if you’re halfway through the day and this song just isn’t panning out, you’re not feeling it, you’re feeling it’s a little forced, you don’t have time to go back and scrap it and start over.  You have to make it work.

George Lynch: "Lynch Mob Is In Pre-Production With Andrew Freeman On Vocals"

Will KXM ever go out on tour?

GL: That’s the million-dollar question. The biggest obstacle is Ray being in Korn. I’m not saying that in any bad way about Ray. We knew what we were getting into and it kills Ray too.  He would love to take KXM out, but it’s just logistically how are we do this with everyone’s busy schedules?

We’re waiting for somebody to come and tell us how we can figure how to do that because we can’t go to Korn management and say, hey, you guys need to take three months off so we can go out. Korn is a machine.

You can do it when everyone’s on a break. Sometimes it’s not really a break.  You have to be on call. We got interviews in New York, we got to fly there. We added a show for huge money. We just gotta go do it. Or the singer needs to work on some pre-production.  That happens and you can’t plan that.  If KXM is going to do a tour it has to be planned out six months in advance, so we have to know several months in advance when Korn is not going to be working.

You put all that together and we’ve have tried every album cycle. We’d put it in somebody’s hands and we tried ourselves. Let’s try to find even three weeks and we’ve never been able to pull it off. There’s a lot of other things that go into that too. For instance, since we’ve never toured live and we’re three records deep, It would be a monumental task to gear up and rehearse for that. These are songs that we wrote in one day six years ago.  I’d have to go back and reverse engineer all these songs, the tunings, all the layers of guitars and figure out what we can play. what we can’t play, tighten it up and get a crew.  The guys couldn’t do fly dates

When will we see the next Lynch Mob album?

GL: We are actually in pre-production on a new Lynch Mob record as we speak. We’re about six songs into our instrumental skeletons.  It’s Jimmy and Shawn, Andrew Freeman on vocals.

How is it work with Andrew Freeman vers the other singers you’ve worked with?

GL: I want to be as diplomatic as possible. There are good and bad things about working with everybody, including myself. I’m very manic and very driven. I don’t say that in a good way.

I learned I needed to mellow out.  As for Oni, he’s a poet and a lyrical genius. He is in some ways the voice of Lynch Mob.  But he has a completely different workflow and work ethics than I do and the rest of the band. And that is a problem. He’s more like a child of the 70s waiting for inspiration to hit.  He’s not a workaholic and he’s an easier going guy with an easy-going pace.

This is a business. Your time is money.  There’s that conflict there.  There’s a side of this we do with just a straight business position.

Andrew, on the other hand, is a gifted singer and he’s got only better over the years. I’ve known Andrew for decades and worked with them on other projects and he’s just gotten better as he’s gotten older. He’s a very efficient worker. He takes work seriously, doesn’t waste time getting in there, has very high standards and gets things done in an expedited fashion.  I do appreciate that.

George Lynch: "Lynch Mob Is In Pre-Production With Andrew Freeman On Vocals"
Photo was taken downtown Los Angeles on 08/14/18.

Is Andrew Freeman going to be your permanent vocalist for Lynch Mob?

GL: Sean, Jimmy and I are super solid and probably we’ll stay together. The singer thing is a little different animal because there are not that many great singers out there and they’re all in demand. We all have to be doing multiple projects these days to keep the lights on. Andrew has Last in Line and they go out and he’s doing that.  So we’ll be having to find someone to replace him at times when he’s unavailable.  We do utilize different singers on a Lynch Mob tour to keep it fresh for the fans.  Andrew is committed to being Lynch Mob’s singer whenever he’s available which is a lot.

Are you going to be doing anything with Dokken in the near future?

GL:  There’s nothing really concrete out there for us.  I’m not opposed to it but at this time there’s nothing on the books.

George Lynch: "Lynch Mob Is In Pre-Production With Andrew Freeman On Vocals"
Photo by Renee Jahnke

Are you ever going to get your solo record released?

GL:  That’s one of my big-picture things.  I think I’m going to clean the slate, take off about six months next year and do my instrumental album.  No vocals.

I also plan on getting my project with Tommy Victor from Prong up and going called Banishment finally.  We’re also supposed to record another The End Machine album at years end.

Do you have any new guitars coming out with ESP?

I’ve been toying around with reissuing the Graffiti guitar. I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not.  We’re in the discussion stages right now.  I think it would be an interesting reissue.

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