GEARSECURE Anti-Theft Device For Instruments Evaluated By Southern Methodist University



(Dallas, Texas) Southern Methodist University’s Data Science program today released results of an independent scientific evaluation of the GEARSECURE™ anti-theft device. The device is scheduled for market availability beginning later this year.

The evaluation studied the energy capacity of the GEARSECURE solar-powered beacon, re-charging requirements and efficiency, and the ability to communicate at less than full power.

The University was provided with the GEARSECURE™ BLE beacon.  Beacon energy is charged by solar cell fed into an energy harvesting PMIC with energy storage via a supercapacitor and auxiliary capacitor. The Beacon does not use a battery.


  • The Beacon requires only 10 minutes of indirect sunlight to obtain fully charged functionality. Exposing the solar cell an average of 25.5 times over a 10-minute duration of time will bring the device to a full charge of 1000 luxe.
  • After achieving a full charge, the Beacon can continue to transmit for more than six days without recharging or light. 
  • Less than 4 minutes of charging still provides greater than 90% charge to the supercapacitor. 
  • Incidental light still allows Beacon signal transmission. Dependent upon the level of an available turn on the Beacon will communicate as rapidly as every 3 seconds at 1000 luxe to every 50 seconds at 100 luxe.


  • The GEARSECURE™ Beacon requires no battery and limited charging capacity to continue to transmit tracking signals.

The evaluation was conducted by Dr. Daniel Engles, Associate Professor, and Director of the Master of Science in Data Science program at Southern Methodist University. He is a recognized pioneer in the development of RFID and Internet of Things technology. At the MIT Auto-ID Center, Engles co-developed the EPC system used in the U.S. Department of Defense and retail supply chains worldwide. Dr. Engles has published extensively on RFID technologies and the EPC system. Prior to joining Southern Methodist University, he was chief technology officer for Revere Security Corporation, a company that specialized in securing the extreme edge of the networked world.

Complete evaluation details are available by contacting Gear Secure Music LLC.


Based in Lakewood, California Gear Secure Music LLC is comprised of music industry, business, and technology veterans who have sought to create a proper solution to the real-world problem of equipment loss and theft.  The company’s stated goal is “The end of lost or stolen ™.” For more information please visit www.gearsecuremusic.com.

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