September 24, 2022
Black Label Society's Dario Lorina Talks Death Grip Tribulations, Jani Lane And Future BLS Plans

(Los Angeles, California) Gear Secure Music LLC today announced the use of Eddystone and Nearby from Google, for its GEARSECURE™ proprietary tracking device to track and recover lost or stolen musical equipment.

Introduced in the first quarter of 2017, GEARSECURE™ is the first commercially available embedded Anti-theft device for musical equipment. Providing a bridge between RFID and GPS using BLE, it operates on self-contained regenerated power.

Scheduled for release in late 2017, GEARSECURE ™ will be built into the new gear, available for Backline and tour management inventory solutions, and released to the aftermarket via a certified installer network.

GEARSECURE™ will be the first commercially-available tracking device to integrate Eddystone and Nearby products to create a world-leading solution and unprecedented mesh network.

Eddystone, first introduced in 2015 enables remote management of beacons, integration with Google services, to help user devices discover content and functionality across Android, native apps, and the web.

Introduced in 2016, Nearby allows people to interact with relevant apps, websites, and other information based on location.


Based in Lakewood, California Gear Secure Music LLC is comprised of the music industry, business, and technology veterans who have sought to create a relevant solution to the real-world problem of equipment loss and theft.  The company’s stated goal is “The end of lost or stolen ™”. For more information please visit www.gearsecuremusic.com.

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