Gary Hoey Is In Top Form With "Neon Highway Blues"

Gary Hoey Is In Top Form With “Neon Highway Blues”

By Andrew Catania

I’ve been a long time fan of Gary Hoey.  Gary Hoey is a name that should come up more often when we’re talking about top tier guitar players.  When Gary shifted towards the blues, I was a bit skeptical.  In true Hoey form, he added his touch to his blues-influenced music.

This personal authenticity makes Neon Highway Blues a highly-enjoyable set of music that will appeal to most fans of high-end guitar slinging. He also hosts some truly special guests that contribute a lot of fire to these tunes, such as Eric Gales, Lance Lopez, Josh Smith and Hoey’s own teenage son, Ian Hoey.

He opens with the funky, harmony guitar riffs and tension build of  ’Under The Rug’, on which he trades licks with his sometimes tour partner Eric Gales.

A very personal highlight for Hoey is “Don’t Come Crying,” an aching blues track that features his son, Ian Hoey, planting his flag in the family business.

‘Neon Highway Blues’ is a self-produced album on which Hoey takes every opportunity to embellish it with intricate sonic detail. He doesn’t waste any notes on songs that emphasize plenty of contrast in both his guitar playing and the tracks as a whole.  A must record for the guitar enthusiast.  8.5/10 Rating. 

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