Frontiers Records: How They’ve Saved 80’s Rock and Metal

By Andrew Catania

Everyone is a fan of music. Everyone is a fan of some great and beautiful musician or a boy band full of hunky men. The era of the 80s was an era of great music made by great musicians. It was the era of hard rock and heavy metal music. It was an era of loud music that seeps down to your bones and cling there for the rest of your healthy long life. An era that wouldn’t have lived on if not for the people passionate enough and who loves it enough and beyond to continue making the genre of the 80s still a thing and live on.

Music is a very flexible thing. And at the same time, though, it can be very fast-paced. New bands are emerging one after another every year. New kinds of music, new kinds of feelings, new kinds of trends are made in the industry. And in the same thought, as new ones come, a lot also leave. And sometimes it is because they just are too far gone behind in the music taste of people. An era is born, and eventually, it dies.

So it is such a blessing to have a record label that just loves the music of the 80s. We’re talking about the Frontiers Records, the ever grown record label from the sweet, sweet lands of Naples, Italy. It is the finest in the worlds of classic rock, metal, AOR and melodic rock. And in these times of modernity, where the music industry often ignores the “80’s rockers,” with its founder Serafino Perugino, the widely known record label is proving that the music from of old is still vital nowadays.

Founded in the 1990s, Frontiers Records have continued reaching out to the hearts of those who love making 80s rock and metal music and have provided them the means to share and make the music of a great era live on. The record label kept has signed up some artists that has become well known in the industry and the whole world. Some of these artists are Whitesnake, Dokken, Journey, Yes, Jeff Lynne, Boston, and FM.

It’s not a surprise. Frontiers Records is one of those record labels that has built a trademark. The existence of the label is pillared on classic rock, hard rock, AOR, progressive rock, so-called melodic rock, and of course, you guessed it right, even the undying heavy metal with the roots reaching out to the 80s. It’s in the Frontiers Records’ DNA to keep signing up many of the bands from that era.

Many people, even some modern young ones of this generation, remembers a band like Journey and all their songs and music. But no one takes a look at who made their breaks possible. This may be because the word “fan” is commonly associated with people. It is less often associated with the company that provides the musicians to come and goes to. Many fail to see these record labels like the Frontiers Records as the one responsible for the good music of our lives.

And it’s a hurrah to Frontiers Records to have saved a generation it was excellent music and still is. It’s just as the song goes “We built this city on rock an’ roll.” And Frontiers Records helped it continue to live.

2 thoughts on “Frontiers Records: How They’ve Saved 80’s Rock and Metal

  1. Frontier records are doing great work and keeping good bands and musicians music available to the Rock enthusiasts worldwide, AngelAir records in the UK are a similar company with an incredible catalogue of acts seeing there records being made available again. There is still much “Ageism” in the mainstream record companies with the exception of artists who will sell records forever more no matter what. Age is certainly no barrier to nearly all kinds of well played music, excepting the pop world, and a great musician then is probably a better musician now and there music is valid and thanks to these labels and others you can still hear it, buy it and enjoy it, just as it should be. Power to you at “All that Shreds” and thank you all for a brilliant site,

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