Friday Release Pick Of The Week: Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild

Friday Release Pick Of The Week: Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild

Even if you haven’t listened to or heard of Crazy Lixx, listen up.  These guys bring me back to a time in the ’80s where we had the car windows down and the music cranked.  One solid album after another, Crazy Lixx brings you 80’s hair metal with a modern touch. “Forever Wild” further cements Crazy Lixx as one of the leaders of the Scandinavian led ‘80s hard rock revival.

With massive choruses, memorable hooks and riffs, wailing, emotive guitar solos, and a large-scale production by Danny Rexon and Chris Laney, this album is sure to resonate with old fans and new listeners alike.

The band explores a broader range of styles than ever before on “Forever Wild.” From the hard rocking and anthemic opening track “Wicked” to the AOR inspired upcoming single “Silent Thunder” to songs like “Eagle” that sound like they came off a Bon Jovi album circa 1986, Crazy Lixx manages to blend love and reverence for ‘80s rock with their stamp on each track.

Friday Release Pick Of The Week: Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild

With “Forever Wild,” Crazy Lixx have set the bar very high against their own revered and celebrated catalog. Their best album yet? We’d say so!

Don’t miss Crazy Lixx while they’re on the road in support of the album either, as their live shows are a sight to behold! Dates to be announced soon.


  1. Wicked
  2. Break Out
  3. Silent Thunder
  4. (She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face
  5. Eagle
  6. Terminal Velocity
  7. It’s You
  8. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
  9. Weekend Lover
  10. Never Die (Forever Wild)


Danny Rexon – vocals

Joél Cirera – drums

Jens Sjöholm – bass guitar

Chrisse Olsson – guitar

Jens Lundgren – guitar

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