May 29, 2023
Frank Marino's Long-Awaited DVD "Live At The Agora Theater" Is Released

Frank Marino’s long-awaited live DVD is here!

You will receive 4 discs (1 BluRay-1080HD-Disc in its own separate case and a 3-DVD-720SD-set in its own separate case), a 180-page book that delivers an in-depth chronicle of his journey, from his early beginnings right up to this performance, as well as being filled with pictures that span Frank Marino’s career. The last 20 Chapters are written by Frank Marino in his own words and invite the reader to share intimate details about Frank’s experiences, the making of this project, his personal feelings and his outlook on his life and career. You will have a front-row seat to witness the awe-inspiring man himself in the highest quality picture and sound as never seen before, while he delivers an incredible 58 tracks, many of which were rarely if ever, played live.

Available through PayPal only (no mail orders) at $100 U.S. plus shipping (calculated at purchase-point)

You can order here

6 thoughts on “Frank Marino’s Long-Awaited DVD “Live At The Agora Theater” Is Released

  1. Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush are one of the most awe inspiring,intense yet smooth,genre versatile and Underrated blusey,jazzy,heavy,shredding guitar players around~My Friends in Ohio we’re lucky enough to actually be at that show. I would highly recommend this Long-awaited DVD to music lovers around the globe

  2. Wish there were more options for purchase – iTunes or Amazon digital downloads? I don’t even own a DVD/Blu-ray any more

  3. Hi Frank, I’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long time, why won’t you allow your real fans in the UK to buy this collection through Amazon or eBay ? I saw you in Bradford West yorkshire, England many years ago with Uli Roth, not really knowing ‘your musical style. Now I have most of your albums. I particularly love the album ‘the power of rock n roll’ and would love to buy your live collection, but it does seem geared towards your American fans. There are so many Europeans who love this but can’t afford it ! It’s not just the exchange rate, the import costs add too much to the cost. You have more fans over here than you realise, come on Frank please help us out ?

  4. Only available on his web-page & this one is strange too, you can buy it directly from the US & the postage is similar to the bluray. I noticed too which is a little “strange” the edition can be posted via US only & very expensive postage too. I noticed too via Canada it will not be posted to anywhere of your choice. Love to get a copy to Australia, chances are none. Would have been good perhaps at Amazon, Ebay or Paypal.

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