Francesco Fareri and his Fretboard Skills

By Andrew Catania

Francesco Fareri is a name that more people should know.   Born on April 15, 1978, Fareri is popularly known for playing shred style guitar.  At the age of 17, Francesco Fareri started playing guitar and used the electric option for a start. Most of Francesco’s core fans emanated from guitar-oriented websites in the likes of The Shred Zone, Shredaholic and just to mention a few. Among Francesco influencers in his guitar-playing career are Theodore Ziras, Marco Ferrigno, Gianni Rojatti, Rusty Cooley, Paul Abbott, Michael Angelo Batio, John Petrucci, George Bellas, Eric Clapton, Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Tony MacAlphine and much more.

In 1999, Francesco Fareri debut instrumental demo came to the spotlight and reviewed on Whiplash and by Guitar 9 . The debut album of this majestic and fast-playing guitarist emanated from the enthusiasm of the feedback of his previous demo. Francesco unleashed his first album in late 2000 of an unequivocal record titled Suspension. The album is totally cascaded on shred instrumental that came to the spotlight in 2001. The personal label of Michael Angelo Batio, MACE, helped to distribute and market the first album both globally and nationally.

On May 2002, Francesco instructional strategies called Arpeggios was released by Chops From Hell at the same time of unleashing his debut album. On March 2004, Intense Guitar Playing’ carried out the same operation for Francesco album. High Shred Techs’ remain the company that helped Fareri in releasing his instructional methods in January 2003.

Around 2003, Fareri took part in a solo guitar performance with Vitalij Kuprij and other guitarists called Michael Harris, Borislav Mitic, Roger Staffelbach and George Bellas. Francesco unleashed his second album in title Forbidden Dimension after a couple of years later. The second album featured Vitalij Kuprij on the piano, Jon Doman as the drummer, Kyle Honea, and Bob Katsionis and unleashed on July 2005 by Lion Music.

In 2007, Francesco released his third album that comes with as gamut of extras such as mp3, photos, a diary, and tabs. The third album called Secrets Within emerged from the high invested ideas of Fareri. In 2011, Fareri released another album entitled Shattered Silence, which is a progressive metal band distributed by Last Debate Records.

The new era of Francesco Fareri’s works started in 2012. Francesco started to re-release of all of his old albums such as Suspension and Forbidden. The re-release of these albums came with innovative styles and backing tracks.

Mechanism Reloaded is the 4th album of Francesco unleashed in 2013. The album featured Jon Finn and Jeff Loomis. The album is being distributed by Power Prog across Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and other places across the globe. Francesco Fareri received an invitation in January 2015 to play at ESP and GHS. The event is slated to last for three days with other artists such as Frank Bello, George Lynch, Alex Skolnick and Gary Holt. The 5th instrumental solo album of this talented guitarist emerged in 2016. This album engineered the invitation Francesco received from ESP Guitars. In a nutshell, Francesco has had a good ride as a professional guitarist nationally and globally.


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