June 2, 2023
Former White Lion Vocalist Mike Tramp To Release Solo Album "Second Time Around" On May 1st

May 1st will see the release of “Second Time Around”, the new album from MIKE TRAMP. And while the ex-White Lion and Freak of Nature frontman is no rookie to releases in his own name, this time he does so with a special feeling.

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked. That if I could do it all over again, what would I change? It’s a tricky question and for an artist, sometimes an unfair one”, he says. “Because when we looked back, hindsight is always 20/20 and we know it all, and familiar with the Monday morning quarterback scenario, where everyone knows where he should have thrown the ball or kicked it. What the hell did I know when I walked into the recording studio the first time in 1976 to record my first album? The answer is nothing, and I can honestly admit, it didn’t change ten years or 20 years later on. With every album I recorded or every tour I finished, I always came home with so much more knowledge than when I started it and always wished I’d known it all at the beginning”.

Former White Lion Vocalist Mike Tramp To Release Solo Album "Second Time Around" On May 1st

“I am proud of these songs. They are like my other albums and 100% representation of who Mike Tramp is. If aliens came down to earth and happened to pick up “Second Time Around” as the first Mike Tramp album they heard, I would be truly proud and confident that all of my DNA would be in this album”.

“Second Time Around” will be released May 1st, 2020 worldwide through Target Records containing ten songs (including the first single “The Road”, which the official video can be seen below). Mike Tramp wrote the words and music, and the album was produced by Soren Andersen & Mike Tramp. Mixing done by Peter Mannson, Mir Studio, Stockholm, Sweden. Mastering by Henrik West at Medley Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recordings were done by Soren Andersen, Medley Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, with additional recording done by Mike Tramp in many places & more.

Photos: Jakob Muxoll


Mike Tramp will personally sign all pre-orders. The album will be released in an LTD 500 copies, only RED vinyl, black vinyl CD, and digital. And exclusive “Second Time Around” t-shirt in 100 copies only available at Targetshop.dk can be pre-ordered along with the album,

Former White Lion Vocalist Mike Tramp To Release Solo Album "Second Time Around" On May 1st

01. All Of My Life
02. The Road
03. Anymore
04. Come On
05. Between Good And Bad
06. Lay Down Your Guns
07. Highway
08. No Tomorrow
09. Back To You
10. When She Cries

Mike Tramp: Vocal, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Oliver Steffensen: Main Guitar all songs
Claus Langeskov: Bass
Morten Hellborn: Drums
Soren Andersen: Additional Guitar
Jay Boe: Hammond B-3
Marcus Nand: 12 String Acoustic Guitar, 1st solo on “Back To You.”
Emily Garriock Langeskov: Backing Vocals
Lars Rahbek Andresen: Piano on “Highway”


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