Former PledgeMusic CEO Threatens Legal Action Following Accusations Of Financial Fraud

Dominic Pandiscia, who is the former CEO of scandal-plagued PledgeMusic, is threatening legal action against a website that published allegations from a musician who accused him of financial misconduct.

The kerfuffle began when Ken Andrews, who is a musician with the band Failure, accused Pandiscia in a Facebook post of wide-scale impropriety when he was the head of the direct-to-fan music platform that went under after infamously failing to pay its artists.

Andrews not only alleged that Pandiscia was responsible for the company absconding funds that rightfully belonged to artists, but he also went on to say that the executive — after leaving PledgeMusic — went to work for Primary Wave and made sure that artists represented by Primary Wave got paid by PledgeMusic when no others were.

These allegations were subsequently published by Brooklyn Vegan, apparently without requesting comments from Pandiscia, in a post that has since been deleted.

ATS has also attempted to reach Pandiscia several times this morning, but have yet to receive a response.

So far, Andrews has not presented evidence of wrongdoing by Pandiscia, who steadfastly denies the allegations while insisting that he is looking into taking legal action against Brooklyn Vegan.

“The allegations made against me by Ken Andrews are patently untrue and fabricated,” Pandiscia told Variety. “It is irresponsible for any publication to print such inflammatory rhetoric without fact-checking or to provide an opportunity for comment. Had they done so, it would have cleared up the errors and falsehoods. This leaves me no choice but to explore options for legal action for libel and slander.”

What is not clear at the moment is if Pandiscia is considering legal action against Andrews as well.

In terms of the allegations, Pandiscia told Variety that at least one thing Andrews said was, in part, correct. He admitted being working as a consultant for Gather Music, which is a record label focusing on Christian and gospel music that is functioning in partnership with Primary Wave.

Primary Wave has also denied all allegations made by Andrews in his post.

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