Former Dean Guitars CEO Evan Rubinson Countersues His Mother For ‘Civil Theft’

By John Sullivan

Things are getting pretty ugly between Pamela and Evan Rubinson.  Evan, who’s accused of stealing $420,000, has countersued his Mother for ’embarrassing’ him and not being able to get stuff from his ‘childhood’ home or from his office.  You can read the entire suit below from Mr. Rubinson.

EvanRubinsonVsPamelaKeris  You can download his entire suit with this link.

Former Dean Guitars CEO Evan Rubinson Countersues His Mother For 'Civil Theft' Former Dean Guitars CEO Evan Rubinson Countersues His Mother For 'Civil Theft'

In his suit, little Evan claims he’s been ‘damaged.’  Evan feels so damaged that he has his big bad law firm suing us now for slander for reporting on his activities while CEO of Armadillo which includes:

  1. Former Dean Guitars/Armadillo COO Wayne Odell was arrested on over 50 counts of possession of child pornography. Only does 2 years in prison.  Any reasonable person would have to think behavior like this just didn’t happen overnight.  Did anyone at Armadillo know about Odell’s obsession with child porn?  How long has it been going on?
  2. Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Mustaine, Vinnie Moore, Rusty Cooley, Andy LaRoque, Tracii Guns, and Uli Jon Roth left Dean Guitars while Evan was CEO.
  3. Dimebag’s estate sues Dean Guitars
  4. Gibson sues and wins the case against Dean Guitars.
  5. Mommy and son sue each other.
  6. A former Armadillo Executive speaks to us about Evan Rubinson’s leadership at Dean,

I’d love to ask Dean Zulinski if the company was this screwed up when he sold it to the Rubinons.

To read more about Evan during his time at Dean from a former Dean executive read here

Dean Guitars did file an appeal on Gibson’s trademark win.  Stating:

“all appearing Defendants/Counterclaim-Plaintiffs” – that is, Armadillo and Concordia Investment Partners – “hereby appeal to the
United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit [..] the Final Judgement […] and each and every prior order of the district court herein.”

Armadillo had previously stated its intention to fight Gibson’s victory, something that now has been made official.

Instead of trying to understand how a convicted sex offender was allowed to balance Armadillos books for so many years while Odell looked at kiddy porn, or try to improve the Dean brand, Rubinson uses the McIntyre Thanasides Law Firm to try and bully people that are writing unfavorable things about him.

That is someone I’d do business with! Not.

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