Former Badlands Bassist Greg Chaisson’s New Band Kings Of Dust New Album Out On 3/17

By Allyson Kingsley

From Phoenix, Arizona, this album is plush enjoyment from start to finish. Former Badlands/Red Dragon Cartel bassist Greg Chaisson combines his 70s hard rock/traditional metal background with vocalist Michael Thomas Beck, lead guitarist Ryan McKay, and drummer Jimi Taft. This album is not only an enjoyable listen; it is also a little taste of the history of hard rock in its sounds. 

  We travel through several songs that capture the 80s rock with “Like An Ocean” and “Upon Reflection ” with meaty riffs full of groove. Then we hit a slight slow down in “My Piece of Mine” as it has a more bluesy, almost AOR style.  Tracks like “Ugly” and “Yours Not Mine” feature some gorgeous guitar solos, and you will soon notice that this album is peppered and seasoned generously with classic muddy riffs. And we certainly can’t forget the showcasing of Greg’s bass skills. 

   My choice song is without a doubt “Ya, That’s Me,” and there’s a short story why. It instantaneously reminded me of The Rolling Stones, “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking.” Take a real close to listen to those riffs. The shortest version of the story is I saw The Rolling Stones perform with KISS at the first concert I ever saw (at five years old thanks to my oldest brother). And clear as the day is bright, I remember this song and the memory of that day. 

  With an acoustic “swamp,” intro “By You” gathers us round to the well-executed union of southern Rock and Americana in “Mama.”  “A Little Bit of Insanity” exists to highlight the immense groove-laden riffs purely. And we go out with a smoldering vibrancy with the sludgy  “Keep The Spirit Alive.”

  All through this release Kings of Dust incorporate big crunchy guitar playing with a flair for those beloved melodies



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