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Five Guitarists That Joe Satriani Should Add To The G3 Tour

The G3 tour has been on the road for over 2 decades now. The mastermind behind the prodigious tour, Joe Satriani laid out such an exceptional idea that even as of today, the jam-tour of star guitar players are still sought after by many.

Despite his long history as a legendary and highly technical, hard rock, electric guitarist, Satriani has made the blunder of when he brought along Phil Collen of Def Leppard on-tour.

Phil Collen has long been the backing vocalist and electric, blues-rock guitarist of Def Leppard. Yet, he is a mismatch for the iconic G3 tour because from what his performance seemed during the jams, his sound was of a particular, repeated rhythm with no improvisation or divergence whatsoever.

Satriani needs guitarists that have a greater exposure doing solo acts live on-stage, instead of artists who adhere to a singular rhythmic approach and limit their performances to studios that offer them numerous takes- something Def Leppard is notorious for.

1.     All That Shreds Hall Of Famer Vinnie Moore

Moore, the trend-setter of shred guitar, is known for his electrifying on-stage guitar performances and is one of the best known hard rock, neoclassical metal and heavy metal rock instrumentalist and guitarist of the ’80s.  Moore’s ability to jam live on-stage to a point where he actually drafted a live performance-based album called ‘Live!’

Five Guitarists That Joe Satriani Should Add To The G3 Tour

2.     All That Shreds Hall Of Famer Tony MacAlpine

The G3 Tour is all about live jam sessions of the ’80s that require highly technical and live improvisations for energetic performances. Where Collen failed to bring diversity in the tour, MacAlpine would be an ideal replacement owed to his unique, ‘sweep tapping’ technique that is a mind-blower. MacAlpine also brings diversity by fusing heavy metal rock with elements of jazz, fusion and hard rock which can be a refreshing contribution to the G3 jam sessions.

Five Guitarists That Joe Satriani Should Add To The G3 Tour

3.     Daniele Gottardo

Gottardo is distinctive in his sound and features, experimenting with elements of a classical orchestra on electric guitar and creating a juxtaposition of European and American folk rhythms with a contemporary approach. This is the kind of miscellany the G3 Tour is all about along with the ability to execute jam sessions live, on-stage.

Five Guitarists That Joe Satriani Should Add To The G3 Tour
Photo by Renee Jahnke

4.     All That Shreds Hall Of Famer Chris Broderick

Broderick is known for the diversity of his musical talents that range from jazz to classical, neoclassical, heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, and progressive metal. Broderick qualifies as a replacement for Collen for his vast experience of working as a guitarist for numerous bands such as Megadeth, Jag Panzer, and Nevermore, that has added a unique versatility to his guitar-play. For the aficionados of G3, the replacement of such a versatile guitarist with a rather monotonous (Collen) one would definitely be a constructive contribution.

Five Guitarists That Joe Satriani Should Add To The G3 Tour

5.     All That Shreds Hall Of Famer Steve Stevens

Stevens is not only well-known for his plethora of solo albums such as Atomic Playboys and Memory Crash but also for having collaborated with renowned artists such as Michael Jackson, Robert Palmer and Vince Neil, each divergent from one another.

While Collen is a splendid artist on his own, he lacks the experience as well as the exposure of performing diversely or jamming live. But with the right choice, the G3 Tour can definitely regain its spirits.

Five Guitarists That Joe Satriani Should Add To The G3 Tour

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