September 24, 2022
Featured Publicist Of The Week: Melissa Dragich Of MADInk, PR.

We get asked a lot from bands and musicians if we know of any good publicists.  The majority of publicists we work with are outstanding.  You’ll always have that minority group in any category that will make the awesome 95% look bad.

We’re going to start a series highlighting certain publicists we feel are dedicated to their craft and provide excellent service to both their clients and the press.  The press isn’t always easy to deal with.

Our first featured publicist is Melissa Dragich.  Melissa is one of our favorites to deal with and regardless of the answer, she answers quickly and has never left us hanging.  We will he featuring publicists weekly so that bands and musicians can see the varied publicists and their agencies as it’s their money to spend to get publicity.

Melissa Dragich offers over 30 years of experience in publicity, promotion, and imaging for her many high-profile and indie musical acts. Melissa founded her own public relations company, MAD Ink, PR, in February 2002, immediately accepting responsibility for clients such as the highly successful rock band, Incubus and charity events like the Tiger Woods Foundation “Tiger Jam V”. In August 2002, Melissa brought her expertise to marketingfactory Inc. where she headed up the company’s PR division, working on Honda’s high-profile annual “Civic Tour”, as well as the many independent PR clients she brought into the company. By November 2004, Melissa had re-opened MAD Ink PR full-time where she continues to lead publicity campaigns for both major and indie label artists.

Prior to launching MAD Ink, PR, Melissa spent six years at Epic Records as National Director in charge of the strategy and implementation of national press campaigns for such acts as Incubus, Oasis, Jeff Beck, and Tenacious D, as well as many high-profile movie soundtracks such as Jerry Maguire, That Thing You Do and Judgment Night. Her career in music began at Relativity Records in 1990 and was followed by a four-year stint as National Media Relations Manager at Rick Rubin’s cutting edge label, Def American Recordings, responsible for helping to guide the PR campaigns of artists like the Black Crowes, Johnny Cash, Slayer, and Sir Mix-A-Lot. Melissa graduated in 1990 from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing.

For more information on MadINK PR click here

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