Exclusive Premiere Of Matt Chanway’s New Video “The Beyond”

Progressive metal fusion solo artist Matt Chanway is back with his first instrumental release since his 2016 eponymous debut album – the single, The Beyond.  Fans of challenging, progressive, intense instrumental music – artists such as Alluvial, Tony MacAlpine, Martyr, Vitalism – don’t want to miss this.
As a guitar player, Chanway has drawn comparisons to Jeff Loomis, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Vai, and Chuck Schuldiner among others, with a songwriting style combining biting riffs with progressive melodies, intricate song structures, and blistering solos.  His debut album was received to critical acclaim and landed him as a Top-6 finalist in Guitar Idol, the world’s foremost guitar competition showcasing the top emerging guitarists on the planet.  Holding a Fellowship in music performance from the University of West London, Chanway teaches guitar and theory full-time in his hometown Vancouver BC.
In Chanway’s words: “Unlike my debut album which was a compilation of material written from 2008-2016, The Beyond is the first of brand new instrumental music I have written from scratch. I chose the simple track title both as a representation of music which pushes beyond my previous creative boundaries and of my own transformation in the past year from an aspiring shred guitar player to a full-time pro musician.” 
Exclusive Premiere Of Matt Chanway's New Video "The Beyond"
Chanway is releasing a total of 4 singles over the course of 2019, with the next single Shadow Complex slated for an August release, and live performance info currently in the works. 
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